Dzejla Ramovic

Dzejla Ramovic: A Rising Star in the Music Industry

Dzejla Ramovic (20), a rising star in the music business, is known for her strong voice, catchy melodies, and distinctive style. Dzejla, who was born in Gorazde – about 50 kilometers from Sarajevo – in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been working hard in recent years to realize her dream of being a successful singer.

She gained popularity at a young age as the winner of the first season of the Serbian talent show Neki Novi Klinci (Some New Youngsters) in 2016. Three years later, she managed to win the popular talent show Zvezde Granda at the age of sixteen.

With an already strong interest in music at a young age, she listened to singers from other countries while growing up, idolizing Selena Gomez in particular. Because of her commitment and perseverance, she already has accomplished a lot in a short period of time.

Dzejla’s journey to fame has not been an easy one, but she has persevered by remaining committed and motivated. She has overcome numerous obstacles, such as a fiercely competitive industry and a demanding lifestyle, while remaining humble and loyal to herself.

Inspiration To Write Songs

From a very young age, Dzejla has always been passionate and determined about music. She always dreamt of having a successful career in the industry.

‘I have always wanted to be a musician, and even as a young child, I was really motivated to advance in my musical career. I looked up to international singers like Selena Gomez, who I idolized and aspired to have at least a 10% career share of,’ Dzejla says.

She also takes inspiration out of her own life. The song Sparta is essentially about female empowerment and encourages women to be strong, independent, and fearless.

Dzejla sings about not being afraid of anything and being willing to fight for her beliefs. In the song’s chorus, the phrase ‘Sparta je u meni,’ which translates to ‘Sparta is inside me‘ in English, is repeated, emphasizing the idea that every woman possesses the fortitude and tenacity to meet any obstacle that comes her way.

Ultimately, Sparta is like an anthem for women who are resolute to succeed and defend their rights and values despite any challenges they may encounter. It also represents her self-belief and perseverance.

Zvezde Grande and Dzejla’s Key to Success

In 2019, Dzejla Ramovic had one of her career’s turning points when she took first place in the famous Zvezde Granda music competition in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia.

Dzejla’s career was propelled into the public eye by the program, which is credited with helping many great singers launch their careers in the Balkans.

Dzejla with Maria Serifovic
Dzejla with Maria Serifovic

This victory allowed her to receive the respect she deserved. Both the judges and the crowd loved her on-air performances, which comprised original songs as well as covers of well-known tunes.

Some of the judges during that season were famous singers like Marija Serifovic and Jelena Karleusa who also acted as mentors.

‘Renunciation, persistence, and a strong desire are the key to every success, even victories’, is how Dzejla answers my question of what her secret was to winning the prestigious show.

Her victory on Zvezde Granda allowed her access to opportunities both within Serbia and abroad. After winning the show, she has continued to release successful music.

In addition, she also started to work with other musicians. This strengthened her position as one of the most promising young artists in the Balkans.

The Mixed Feelings of Fame

Being famous can cause a variety of feelings, such as joy, pride, validation, and thankfulness for attention and acknowledgment. But it can also create a feeling of obligation, pressure, and the desire to uphold a particular reputation or image.

Popularity might also result in a loss of privacy and a personal life, leaving an artist feeling vulnerable and alone. This is something that Dzejla acknowledges as well even though she is able to live with it quite well.

‘My lifestyle was changed by fame, but it did not change me as a person. I strive to keep old routines and a quiet existence while leading a fast-paced, turbulent, and very demanding life. It can be exhausting and tiring, but I’ve become used to it and got extremely adept at handling the popularity,’ Dzejla says.

By staying close to herself and her family she manages to deal with all the positive but also negative aspects that come with fame.

Musical Influences in Dzejla’s Life

Through the course of her career, Dzejla Ramovic has been influenced by a variety of musical inspirations. She was inspired to pursue a career in music by the American singer Selena Gomez and other worldwide pop stars she looked up to as a young girl.

‘I would say that three artists stand out to me. Selena Gomez because she was my role model as a child, Adil who is a male singer whose quality of songs I would like to achieve and Billie Eilish whose songs really inspire me,’ Dzejla says.

Serbian singer Adil Maksutovic and pop icon Billie Eilish have both been named by Dzejla as having influenced her sound and style.

These musicians have been important to Dzejla’s musical philosophy and her aim to write songs that resonate with her audience.

Life Outside of Music

As far as she can remember, music plays a huge role in her life. However, there is more than music in Dzejla’s life. She is also very passionate about other things besides music, recording and performing. For example, she is currently following a study in Spain.

‘Since 2021, I study at the Faculty of Economics in Barcelona and I enjoy it. Besides that, I like to read books and draw,’ Dzejla says.

Dzejla finds inspiration from the music and artwork she sees every day. She enjoys reading and finds inspiration in books. She also very fond on drawing and painting. This is a great way to connect with her creative side and find new inspiration for her music.

Her other passions besides music show that she wants to develop on multiple levels. It’s also a way to ease her mind off music as the music scene can be demanding and hectic as well.

The Story Behind The Song Ruine

Since her victory at Zvezde Granda, Dzejla has produced numerous songs such as Ruža (2017), Potraži me (2017), Jedna kao nijedna (2018) and Ginem (2020). Her latest song is called Sparta. But among all of them, one song specifically makes her proud.

‘My song Ruine is definitely what I’m most proud of so far. I recognized the potential of this song at the first listen, and I’m extremely happy that it found its way into the hearts of my audience,’ Dzejla says.

The song is about heartbreak and moving on from a previous love. The lyrics emphasize the pain and sorrow that comes with breaking up a relationship as well as how hard it is to let go of someone who was once so important.

Despite the challenging emotions discussed in the song, Dzejla sings of finding the courage to go on and create a brighter future, which instills a sense of strength and hope. It’s one of Dzejla’s most popular songs to date.

The song has a catchy tune and strong vocals and became one of her most favorite tracks among her fans.

Advice for Young and Ambitious Artists

Dzejla Ramovic’s rise to fame has been fueled by her talent, hard work, and persistence. For aspiring and young musicians who want to follow the same path, she has some advice to offer.

According to Dzejla, it is very important to work hard, to believe in yourself, to learn from others, to stay humble and to embrace competition.

Dzejla is well aware that success does not happen overnight. Young musicians are encouraged by her to put in the effort and commitment required to succeed. This means as much rehearsing, songwriting, and performing as you can.

‘Hard work and a lot of effort will give you the results you desire. Maybe in the beginning not everything will be as you imagined, but with time and persistence you will achieve everything.

I believed that I could realize my dream, built everything step by step and now I can really say that I am very satisfied,’ Dzejla says.

Young musicians can benefit much from good competition, according to Dzejla. She advises creative youngsters to embrace competition and use it to push themselves to their highest potential.

‘The competition definitely helped me and opened many doors and brought me wide acquaintances. That was also very helpful,’ she concludes.

Plans for the Future

Even though Dzejla has her own vision for the future, she prefers to live day by day. However, with a growing fanbase as well as a number of successful releases in recent years, a lot of people would like to know what the future holds.

‘I don’t think too far into the future and I don’t want to put pressure on myself. I don’t wish too much, so I won’t be disappointed in case things don’t work out. But certainly, I wish myself as many music albums and big concerts as possible.’

Living day by day and not planning too far into the future can have many benefits for an artist like Dzejla, including a decrease in anxiety, a greater appreciation for life, an increase in awareness, more flexibility, and a greater enjoyment of the journey.

A future collaboration with either Selena Gomez, Adil or Billie Eilish would make the circle round for the young Bosnian musician.

A Promising Future Ahead

Although Dzejla Ramovic’s musical career is still in its early stages, she has already accomplished a great deal. A lot of people have embraced her distinctive voice and style. Therefore, her music has already had a lot of success.

Dzejla keeps a low profile and is laser-focused on expanding her brand while constantly looking to grow and learn. Staying loyal to herself and her work are her priorities. Dzejla is determined to leave her legacy in the music business in the upcoming years.

Dzejla Ramovic is a musician to check out if you’re seeking an artist with great talent, passion, and dedication. As she proved already by winning several talent shows, she will undoubtedly win your heart and become one of your favorite performers.

Her powerful voice, memorable songs, and distinctive style resulted in a large fanbase in the Balkans and beyond.

Watch out for this emerging star as she’s about to achieve much more in the years to come.

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*credits to Dzejla for the photos

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