Peony Flower

National Flower of Romania: An Elegant Symbol!

Do you want to know more about Romania and wonder about the national flower in Romania?

Every country has symbols, stories, and objects that tell you more about its identity. The same goes for Romania, a country with a lot of history, legends, and natural wonders. But what about the national flower of Romania?

You could say the national flower is a quiet but powerful symbol of the country’s people and culture. I’ll take you on a trip that will show you how beautiful and important this elegant flower is to Romania.

Let’s dive in and explore Romania through its national flower as a symbol!

What is the national flower of Romania?

The answer to this question is that the beautiful peony is the national flower of Romania. Think of a big, round flower with lots of soft petals. This flower comes in pretty colors like pink, white, and deep red.

Romania picked the peony as its national flower because it means a lot to the people there, not just because it’s pretty. Many old songs and stories from Romania mention this flower.

national flower of romania - peony
The peony flower

This flower has been loved and grown in Romania for a long time. When you see this flower, you’re seeing a piece of the heart of Romania. The peony is more than just a flower in a garden, it tells a story about how much Romania loves nature and beauty.

Most people feel good when they look at it and it stands out in any garden. The peony is unique among flowers, just like Romania is unique in Europe because of its long past and beautiful places.

Why is it Romania’s national flower?

As I said, the peony is associated with Romania for more than just how beautiful it is. This flower is deeply woven into the history of the country. In classic Romanian stories, the peony is often used as a symbol of beauty, love, and wealth.

I always love the folklore of a country. Romanian Folklore says that many people thought the Peony had protective powers that kept bad energies away and kept the peace. True or not, sounds nice, right?

The flower’s ability to keep growing and blooming even when things don’t go its way shows how strong the Romanian people are.

Peony flower meaning

Even though the peony is a symbol of Romania, it has special meanings in many other countries as well. So peonies, in general, stand for:

  • Beauty: Its physical beauty is clear, but it also represents inner beauty and the ability to find beauty in everything.
  • Honor: Either giving or receiving, a peony bouquet is a sign of honor and great regard in many cultures, especially in the East.
A peony bouquet
A peony bouquet
  • Wealth and Prosperity: The peony’s big, beautiful bloom is often a sign of wealth and a prosperous good life.
  • Romance and Love: Its diverse and deep colors, especially its reds, have always been associated with deep love and desire. Nice idea for a romantic evening if you ask me.

National flower of Romania: FAQs

The information below is related to the national flower of Romania and will give you some more insights about other Romanian flowers and other national symbols!

What are common Romanian flowers?

With its many different types of terrains, from mountains to fields, Romania is a great place for many different kinds of flowers to grow. Let’s find out which ones you’ll find wandering around Romania:

  • Sunflowers: The huge fields of sunflowers that shine like gold in the Romanian sun are hard to miss. These are not just pretty to look at; they are also an important crop.
  • Cornflowers: Their bright blue color stands out against the green fields. You can find cornflowers in the wild in Romania, and they are a sign of simplicity and delicacy.
Cornflowers in Romania
Cornflowers in Romania
  • Daisies: In Romania, the white and yellow daisies that grow in large numbers are a sign of innocence and purity.
  • Lavender: Romania is proud of its huge lavender fields, which are only topped by those in France. The smell is always lovely (in my humble opinion), making it a good place to relax.

I think it’s a very nice and diverse mix of flowers that you’ll find in Romania.

What flowers are given on Romanian name day?

A lot of countries in Central and Eastern Europe celebrate name days that are almost similar in importance like birthdays.

It’s also a beloved tradition in Romania, which is like a birthday but is celebrated on the feast day of a saint with the same name. As you can probably guess, flowers are very important on this day. But which flowers do Romanians give or receive on this day:

  • Roses: These are often chosen for name days because they are the flower that most people associate with love and respect.
  • Lilies: These are often given as a sign of respect because their pure white blooms and calm scent make them a symbol of purity.
national flower of Romania - The White Lily
The White Lily
  • Orchids: People give orchids as gifts to show that they have a special and important relationship.

Funnily enough, as far as I found out, the national symbol is usually not the flower that Romanians give to each other on their name days. But no matter which flower you receive or give in Romania, all these three flowers have great meaning!

National Symbols of Romania

Just like fingerprints, the symbols of a country are unique and tell what it stands for, what it values, and how it got to where it is now. Romania is a country with a lot of legends, myths, customs, and important historical events.

It has many symbols that tell you more about Romania. Here is a closer look at some of Romania’s most important national symbols:

  • The flag of Romania: The Romanian flag is an important symbol of the country. As you can see in the picture below, it has three vertical bands that are blue, yellow, and red.

    Even though there are different ways to look at it, many people think that the blue represents the sky, the yellow represents Romania’s rich farmland, and the red represents the blood and bravery of its people.
The Romanian flag
The Romanian flag
  • The Coat of Arms: The Romanian Coat of Arms is a complicated symbol that symbolizes the country’s past and territories. In the middle of the flag is a golden bird holding a cross in its beak, which shows the country’s Christian history.

    The eagle is holding a scepter and a sword, which are symbols of royal power and authority. On the eagle’s chest is a shield with different symbols.

    There is a golden lion and a bridge, which represent the former province of Wallachia, an aurochs’s head with a star, which represents Moldova, two dolphins, which represent Dobrogea, a black eagle, which represents Transylvania, and a lion with a cross, which represents Banat and Crișana.
  • The Dacian Wolf: This Wolf, or Drapelul cu Lup in Romanian, is an old symbol connected to Romania’s ancestry. It’s like a dragon-shaped flag with a wolf’s head. The Dacians, who lived before the modern Romanians of today, used this.

    Legends say that the dragon-wolf made a shrill sound in the wind that was used to scare and frighten their enemies on the battlefield.
  • The Romanian Anthem: This is called Deșteaptă-te, romane! (Awaken, Romanian!) and talks about freedom, pride, and a new start for the country. Would be a nice challenge to pronounce this name out loud while reading it in Romanian.

    But this anthem was written during the Revolution of 1848(!) and its lyrics showing how much the Romanian people care about their country.
  • The Carpathian Stag: This stag is another symbol of Romania’s Dacian roots. It represents the wild, untamed nature of Romania’s landscapes and the cleanliness of its high-altitude areas.

Together, I really believe that these symbols show a clear picture of Romania. They show not only its past, but also its heart, its struggles, its victories, and its strong spirit.

Motto of Romania

Besides the national flower of Romania and all its other symbols, this country also has a national motto. In Romanian it’s Unitate, Integritate, Solidaritate and this is Romania’s national slogan.

In English this translates to Unity, Integrity, Solidarity, which is, I believe, a good way to describe the country’s core values.

A Romanian friend of me told me that it reminds the country of its promise to stay united, keep the highest standards of honesty, and work together.

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    The Wrap-Up: National Flower of Romania

    Even though the peony flower is a silent yet elegant symbol, it says a lot about the culture, values, and spirit of Romania.

    Romania is a beautiful country and the peony flower fits perfectly in this picture. I think the Romanians made a great choice by picking this as the national flower of Romania!

    You could say that the peony is more than just a flower. It shows what Romania is all about in combination with some of its other great national symbols.

    You’ll find these flowers throughout Romania so you can check out my posts about the best cities in Transylvania or Timisoara to visit!

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    And if you’re wondering about the safety in Romania, check out my post about how safe Romania is!

    Your restless voyager,


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