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11 Top Castles in Slovakia: Which Are the Most Beautiful?

Are you looking for some beautiful Slovakian Castles to see or visit?

That’s a great idea and I’ll promise that you won’t be disappointed when visiting the Slovakian castles in the list below!

Many tourists often overlook Slovakia, a small country in the heart of Europe, in favor of its more well-known neighbors, such as Austria and the Czech Republic.

Yet, Slovakia has a fascinating history and culture that are just waiting to be discovered, and one of the most striking aspects of the country is its collection of magnificent castles.

The Slovakian castles are a tribute to the country’s rich and complicated past, ranging from imposing fortifications located on rocky hilltops to beautiful palaces tucked away in lush woodlands.

With its diverse architectural styles, influences, and wars, Slovakia’s castles will give you a fascinating look into the history of the country.

Let’s dive into the list!

Which castles are the most beautiful?

1. Spiš Castle

We’ll kick this list off with Spiš Castle. It’s one of the biggest castle complexes in Central Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built in the 12th century. Spiš Castle gives you a fascinating look into Slovakia’s past with a mixed fusion of Gothic, Romanesque, and Renaissance architecture.

Spis Castle in Slovakian Castles
Spiš Castle

A network of walls and towers connects the lower castle, the higher castle, and the Romanesque palace that makes up the castle complex. The views from the castle tower’s top, the Gothic chapel, and the collection of medieval armor and weapons are all highlights of a trip to Spiš Castle.

2. Bojnice Castle

Bojnice Castle is a gorgeous castle with charming Gothic and Renaissance elements. You’ll find that this castle is often referred to as the ‘fairy-tale castle‘ and is situated in the western region of Slovakia. The castle was initially constructed in the 12th century and afterwards restored in a romantic style in the 19th century.

Bojnice Castle
Bojnice Castle

The knight’s hall, the church, and the Turkish hall are just a few of the amazing interior spaces of Bojnice Castle that you can explore. The castle is a popular location for families because it has a beautiful park with a lake and a zoo.

3. Orava Castle

One of my favorite castles is Orava Castle. It’s situated on a striking hilltop with a lovely view of the Orava River and the surrounding countryside that is situated in the north of Slovakia. In recent years, the castle has undergone a partial restoration after being constructed in the 13th century.

Orava Castle in Slovakian Castles
Orava Castle

You’ll have the possibility to explore Orava Castle’s courtyards, towers, and dungeons. As well as the museum inside the castle that shows local history and culture.

4. Bratislava Castle

When you are in Bratislava, you just can’t miss this one. Bratislava Castle is a gorgeous white castle that overlooks the capital city of Bratislava and has a rich and interesting history. The castle was initially constructed in the 9th century, and it has since undergone numerous reconstructions and renovations.

Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle

You can explore he numerous rooms and halls of Bratislava Castle. You’ll learn more about the history and culture of Slovakia. The castle also will give you breathtaking views over Bratislava and the region.

5. Strečno Castle

Strečno Castle is a stunning and impressive fortification that is currently open if you want to visit it. It’s actually quite an impressive sight. The castle is perched on a high rock above the Váh River. Constructed in the fourteenth century, the castle was significant to Slovakian history.

Strecno Castle
Strecno Castle

You can explore the towers and walls of Strečno Castle, as well as the museum inside. You can learn more about the history of the castle and the surrounding area.

6. Červený Kameň Castle

Červený Kameň Castle is a castle from the Renaissance era that is close to Bratislava. It has stunning interior architecture. This castle is less old than most of the Slovakian castles on this list. After being constructed in the 16th century, the castle underwent a Baroque reconstruction.

Červený Kameň Castle
Červený Kameň Castle

You’ll be able to explore the several chambers and halls of Červený Kameň Castle. These spaces include artifacts and info about the history of the castle and the neighborhood.

7. Devín Castle

Another impressive sight on this list. Devín Castle, a medieval fortress perched on a rocky cliff above the meeting point of the Danube and Morava rivers, offers you breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Built in the 9th century, the castle had a significant impact on Slovakian history.

Devin Castle in Slovakian Castles
Devin Castle

When you’re visiting Devín Castle, you are welcome to tour the walls and towers of the fortress as well as its museum, which houses exhibits on the fortress’s history as well as the history of the surrounding area.

8. Nitra Castle

Originally constructed in the 11th century, Nitra Castle is a stunning castle complex. The castle has undergone numerous alterations and expansions over the years, resulting in a mixed fusion of architectural styles. This happened to more Slovakian castles on this list.

Nitra Castle in Slovakian Castles
Nitra Castle

You can wander around and explore the towers, courtyards, and underground passageways of Nitra Castle. You’ll also find a nice museum with info on both the history of the castle and the Nitra region. From my own experience, I can tell you that Nitra is also a nice town to visit during your stay in Slovakia.

9. Trenčín Castle

Trenčín Castle is a fortification with a long history that is perched on a hill above the charming town of Trenčín. The castle, which was constructed in the 11th century and was crucial to Slovakia’s security. It’s a nice (but sometimes steep walk) to the top of the hill.

Trencin Castle
Trencin Castle

There is a lot of activity in the summer months on the castle ground with all kinds of stands, venues to eat something and activities for kids. Throughout the several chambers and halls of Trenčín Castle, you’ll be able to learn more about the history of the castle and the surrounding area.

10. Krásna Hôrka Castle

The last of the Slovakian castles on this list is Krásna Hôrka Castle, which you’ll find be in eastern Slovakia, is a stunning castle with a tragic past including sieges, fires and war. The castle was constructed in the 14th century and has recently undergone a partial restoration.

Krásna Hôrka Castle
Krásna Hôrka Castle

The castle got severely damaged in 2012 as a big fire broke out. They story goes that the dry grass caught fire and the flames quickly spread. The castle therefore needed a partial restoration.

The towers, halls, and castle museum, which has exhibits on the history of the castle and the neighborhood, are all open for you at Krásna Hôrka Castle. The castle also provides breathtaking views of the countryside in the area.

11. Hrad Beckov

In the western region of Slovakia, you’ll find a charming castle called Hrad Beckov. It has impressive views and well-preserved fortifications. It’s situated on a hilltop above the settlement of Beckov. The 13th century fortress has undergone numerous modifications and alterations over the years.

Hrad Beckov
Hrad Beckov

Throughout times of conflict, it served as a defensive castle and a residence for noble families. The castle has a spectacular central tower, a variety of defenses, including walls and gates, and architecture that blends Gothic and Renaissance designs. You’ll find some beautiful surrounding scenery here.

How many castles are in Slovakia?

The number depends a bit on the definition of a ‘castle’. But the entire territory of Slovakia is home to 100 to 150 castles and castle ruins. Age, size, and architectural style differ among these castles, and many of them have had significant historical and cultural significance in Slovakia.

Most of the castles have been affected by war and invasions. But it’s great to see that Slovakia acknowledges the importance and significance of its castles. Huge investments have been made to renovate the castles throughout the years.

Although the Spiš Castle, Bojnice Castle, and Bratislava Castle are some of Slovakia’s most famous castles, there are a number of other magnificent castles that I listed above that are well worth visiting.

What is the most famous castle in Slovakia?

There would be a number of castles that I could name here. However, Spiš Castle, which is situated in the eastern portion of the nation, is probably the most famous and recognizable castle in Slovakia.

Spis Castle
Spiš Castle

In 1993, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the biggest castle complexes in Central Europe(!). The castle was built in the 12th century and served as the regional political, administrative, and cultural hub.

The castle has undergone numerous expansion and renovation projects throughout the years, resulting in a mix of architectural styles such as Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque.

With its several towers and courtyards, this castle is a popular tourist destination nowadays. It allows you to learn about the history of the building and the surrounding area.

It might surprise you but several movies like Dragonheart, Phoenix, Kull the Conqueror, The Lion in Winter or The Last Legion have all been filmed here. Pretty cool, right?

Slovakian Castles near Bratislava

If you’re staying in Bratislava and are looking for a day trip to check out some amazing castles, you have some great opportunities.

🏰 Devin Castle is only about 10 kilometers from Bratislava. This magnificent hilltop fortification overlooks the meeting point of the Danube and Morava rivers.

Having been demolished and rebuilt numerous times over the years, the castle has a long history dating back to the 9th century.

🏰 Červený Kameň Castle is about 30 kilometers from Bratislava. This stunning castle dates from the Renaissance era.

The castle is famous for its exquisite gardens and architectural beauty and you’ll have some sweeping views of the surrounding landscape.

🏰 Bratislava Castle is situated in the center of the city and was built in the ninth century, The castle has a lengthy and interesting history, having been used as a royal palace, military barracks, and even a prison.

You’ll find the Slovak National Museum inside and is a popular tourist destination nowadays.

Why does Slovakia have so many castles?

This has to do with its strategic position at the crossroads of Europe (aka the heart of Europe). Slovakia has a long and rich history and has long served as a major hub for trade, culture, and politics.

As many kingdoms and empires were striving for dominance of the area throughout the Middle Ages, castles in Slovakia were largely constructed as defensive fortifications.

Many of the castles were constructed on purposeful hilltops – as you can see in the photos above – that had a clear view of the terrain below and served as a natural barrier against incoming invaders.

As said, several castles in Slovakia were also constructed to serve as administrative and cultural hubs. They served as residences for nobility, providing a space for social gatherings, banquets, and other cultural events.

They were also essential to the growth of the area’s literature, music, and arts.

Does Slovakia have the most castles in the world?

If you wondered if Slovakia has the most castles in the world, the answer is.. no. They don’t.

Slovakia does not possess the greatest number of castles. Although Slovakia has a large number of castles, other countries have even way more. Germany, for instance, has more than 25,000 castles, while France has more than 40,000.

However, despite Slovakia’s small size and population, the country has an astounding number of beautiful castles, which play a significant role in the preservation of the country’s cultural history.

What is Slovakia famous for?

Slovakia is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The country is well-known for its fascinating history, beautiful natural surroundings, and delicious food.

The country is home to several historical and cultural monuments, including museums, galleries, and a vast amount of medieval castles.

The Tatra Mountains, the Danube River, and many national parks are just a few of Slovakia’s stunning natural features that I can name. Moreover, the nation is well-known for its thermal spas, which draw tourists from all over the world and are thought to have therapeutic qualities.

Tatra Mountains in Slovakian Castles
Tatra Mountains

The country’s traditional folk music, dancing, and crafts are significant components of its cultural history, and there are several festivals and celebrations all year long.

Slovakian culture also heavily emphasizes ice hockey, with the nation generating a number of outstanding players who have gone on to compete in the NHL and other professional leagues.

Is Slovakia cheap for tourists?

If you’re thinking of visiting Slovakia, you might be happy to hear that is quite cheap compared to other European countries.

Slovakia might be seen as being reasonably priced for travelers when compared to other European nations. Slovakia’s cost of living and travel prices are often cheaper than those of many Western European countries, and you can find affordable lodging, dining, and activities.

For instance, a typical lunch in a midrange restaurant in Slovakia can cost between €10 and €15 per person, while a beverage can be purchased for between €1 and €2.

The cost of accommodation varies depending on your location and facilities, and possibilities range from low-cost hostels to luxurious hotels. A single ticket for a local bus or tram costs between €0.70 to €1, making public transit also reasonably priced.

Just keep in mind that costs can differ according to the time of year and a place’s location within Slovakia, and tourist destinations may be more expensive than other regions.

Most of Slovakian castles have admission fees. These costs are used for the preservation of the castles. Depending on the particular castle and the type of ticket, admission prices can change (adult, child, student, or senior).

It’s usually between €5 to €10 for adults while kids or students will get a nice discount.

The Wrap-Up: 11 Top Castles in Slovakia: Which Are the Most Beautiful?

If you’re on a castle hunt, Slovakia is a great place to explore and to wander around. Slovakia is known for their vast amount of beautiful castles.

To answer the question which Slovakian castles are the most beautiful, my personal top three would be Spiš Castle, Bojnice Castle and Orava Castle.

When you’re staying in Bratislava, I would recommend to visit the Bratislava Castle, Červený Kameň Castle and Devin Castle as they are situated in or close to the capital city.

In case you’re planning a road-trip through Slovakia, you can check out my do’s and don’ts.

And if you’re a fan of cool castles or historic sites and are looking for more options, check out my blog post on Bulgarian castles!

Your restless voyager,


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