Pyramids in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnian Pyramids: Do They Really Exist!?

Are you into history and want to know more about Bosnian pyramids?

I know, I know.. Bosnian pyramids? You probably think I’m kidding right? Not really the first question that comes to mind when thinking of Bosnia. I can’t really blame you. After reading this blog, I’ll let you be the judge of it..

We were wandering around in the old Ottoman part of Sarajevo on one of our road-trips. This time we we wanted to explore the region around Sarajevo. You know, to see more of Bosnia. It felt like someone heard our thoughts as we were directed to a little excursion shop that suddenly popped up.

I could clearly read it – Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids was written on one of the signs – but I had to check it twice. Pyramids in Bosnia, seriously? We were instantly hooked and booked an excursion for the next day. It felt like it was worth a try.

The Trip to the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids

The next morning a little brown van picked us up. It was just us (our friend and my brother) and one American family of four. We were heading towards a place called Visoko. It was about half an hour drive from Sarajevo. The tour guide was a real fun guy and he was bragging about the Pyramids.

If I was him, I probably would’ve done the same, but we were still a little bit skeptical about the whole thing.

On our way to Visoko
On our way to Visoko

After a relaxing drive, we arrived at the scene. I honestly had no idea what to expect and neither did the rest of us. We got out of the van and even though it might not show on the photo below, there was a lot of activity going on. A lot of cabins were welcoming us with all kinds of souvenirs.

Bosnian Valley of Pyramids entry in are there pyramids in Bosnia
Bosnian Valley of Pyramids entry

Following the path and leaving the cabins behind us, we met a woman who seemed to be the leading coordinator on the site. It turned out she was Dutch and believed in the existence of the pyramids. She was spending her summer in Visoko trying to prove the theory of existence.

Her team was very busy collecting rocks, digging around and carrying all kinds of material. Little buckets with rocks and sand were brought from one side to the other.

She told us that she worked day and night on the site. Whether you believe in the theory or not, you could tell that her passion was real!

The pyramide site coordinator in are there pyramids in Bosnia
The site coordinator

But what about the actual pyramids? Well, at this stage we still didn’t see much that even resembled some sort a pyramid structure. I admit, it was a beautiful hilly landscape and a lot of activity going on, but we were not convinced yet.

Magnetic rock in the tunnel in are there pyramids in Bosnia
Magnetic rock in the tunnel

Exploring the Tunnel

Our tour guide then took us to a tunnel that led us to the Pyramid of the Sun. He asked us if we needed to charge our phone batteries. We didn’t really know what he meant until we entered the tunnel and we saw a huge rock with a lot of people around it.

He said it was a magnetic rock with the ability to charge your phone. When it was our turn to sit around the rock, we did feel some magnetic field around the rock. We tried our phones as well, but no luck.

We left the tunnel again as we were heading to a broken stone structure on a hill. The tour guide informed us that this was the proof of the theory of existence. A proof of human-made structures. We had no idea, but it looked quite cool and the story behind it was fascinating.

Broken pyramid stone structure
Broken stone structure

The only problem is, most experts in the field of archeology don’t support this theory and refer to the pyramids as a form of pseudoscience. The tour guide believed that the reason behind this lack of support from the experts was because all the history books in the world would need to be re-written.

This would cause too much controversy and would cost too much money as well, according to our guide.

There is a great tour to explore these pyramids in Visoko. You can click on the link below to book your tour and to get the best experience:

Visoko Pyramids Tour!

How many pyramids does Bosnia have?

We had a quick lunch provided by the excursion company before he took us back up the hill. We had a nice view of the landscape from the top. He pointed in several directions as he was trying to show us multiple pyramids.

The Bosnian Pyramids are a group of five pyramids. The highest one is the Pyramid of the Sun, which is about 220 metres high.

The great pyramid of Giza, in contrast, is modest in comparison, and is only 147 meters high.

The Pyramid of the Sun wasn’t the only pyramid. The Pyramid of the Moon, Love, Earth, and the Dragon are the names of the other four Bosnian pyramids. Can you spot them?

View on the pyramids
View on the pyramids

How old are the Bosnian Pyramids?

The pyramids are thought to have been built at least 30,000 years ago, according to carbon dating of organic fossils discovered inside the pyramids’ excavated regions.

This, however, is much older than the generally acknowledged start of human civilization, which is thought to have occurred about 10,000 years ago.

The excavation works started around 2006 and have since then resulted in a lot of controversy among historians and archeologists.

It basically comes down to the following contradication. A tourist trap to boost tourism after the Bosnian War vs pyramids that are proof of lost people and that this finding profoundly alters our perspective of human history.

The Wrap-Up: Bosnian Pyramids

In all honesty, I am not sure. But I do love the story. What do you think? Is it just a controversial theory or does it sound like a legit story?

Either way, the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids is a surprisingly great place to visit when you are close by.

I would definitely recommend making a day-trip from Sarajevo to check it out for yourself, preferably with a tour guide to get the maximum out of your experience.

If you’re interested in Bosnia, check out my posts about religion in Bosnia, a trip to the town of Srebrenica, or check out the best hotels in Sarajevo!

Your restless voyager,


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