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Cost of Living in Slovakia (2024): What can you expect?

Thinking of a move but wondering about the cost of living in Slovakia?

The idea of moving to a country like Slovakia can be both exciting and scary at the same time. The cost of living in Slovakia is one of the most important things to think about when deciding where to live.

This guide will tell you about the cost of living and other useful things. Slovakia is a real gem in Central Europe with beautiful scenery, a rich history, and a friendly society.

Its low cost of living is often the icing on the cake for expats from all over the world. Having Slovakian family-in-law, I’m thrilled to tell you more about this topic. Let’s dive in!

Is Slovakia a cheap country to live?

When compared to other countries in Western Europe, Slovakia really does have a cheaper way of life. It’s important to remember that the cost of living depends on where you live and how you live, but in general, it’s much cheaper than in Germany, France, or Austria.

This makes the country a good choice for people who want to live in Europe but don’t want to pay the high costs of living in the west of the continent.

But even though Slovakia is cheaper than many countries in Western Europe, it isn’t the cheapest place in Europe. The cost of living may be even lower in places like Eastern Europe or the Balkans.

But when you look at how much things cost and how good life is, Slovakia stands out as a great choice! It has a high standard of living, beautiful landscapes, a rich history, and a warm society, and most people can afford to live there.

Strecno Castle in a beautiful landscape
Strecno Castle in a beautiful landscape

So, if you want to find a place where your money will go further without making you give up on your lifestyle, Slovakia could be a great alternative.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Slovakia?

The cost of living in Slovakia depends a lot on how you live, where you live, and what you need. But as a general rule, a single person in Bratislava, the capital and most expensive city in the country, can expect to spend between €1,200 and €1,500 per month.

This amount should be enough to pay for the rent on a one-bedroom apartment, utilities, food, transportation, fun things to do, health care, and so on.

But let’s break these prices down:

  • Rent: A one-bedroom apartment in the middle of Bratislava’s city center can cost between €600 and €800 per month. This can drop to between €300 and €500 per month on the edges of the city or in smaller cities and towns.
  • Groceries: Food prices are quite affordable. A single person might spend between €150 and €200 a month on food.
  • Utilities: Electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage, and other basic services cost between €150 and €200 per month. Internet will cost you €20 per month.
  • Transportation: A monthly pass for Bratislava’s public transportation costs about €30.
  • Activities: This can be very different based on your interests and way of life. A gym ticket, on the other hand, can cost between €30 and €40 per month, and a meal at a mid-range restaurant can cost around €10.
  • Healthcare: Most people who work in Slovakia have health care covered by their social security payments. However, extra health insurance can cost around €30 per month.

These are, of course, just average numbers. Depending on how you spend your money and how you live, your actual costs could be smaller or higher.

For example, if you choose to live in a smaller town or city outside of Bratislava, your rent and other costs could be much cheaper.

So, while €1,200 to €1,500 is a good range for a comfortable life in Bratislava, you might need less if you live somewhere else in Slovakia or try to spend less. On the other hand, if you like to live in style, the amount could be much higher.

Is food expensive in Slovakia?

Slovakia has a lot of agricultural land, so it has a lot of fresh, local food that is usually sold at fair prices in local stores. Fruits, veggies, meats, and baked goods can all be bought for a small fraction of what they would cost in a western country.

A family of four might spend between €300 and €400 on food every month. Another surprising thing about the food scene is how cheap it is to eat out.

Lovely Slovakian Halusky dish Bratislava in cost of living in Slovakia
Lovely Slovakian Halusky dish

Expect to spend between €6 and €10 per meal, whether you go to a regular restaurant for a quick bite or a nice place to try the delicious local food.

Is alcohol expensive in Slovakia?

Slovakia is known for its high-quality drinks and wines, which you can buy at reasonable prices.

The country has a lot to offer when it comes to alcohol, whether you like the richly made local beers or a bottle of well-aged wine.

A nearby pub would charge about €1.50 for a domestic beer and about €5 for a bottle of good wine. So, having a drink every once in a while won’t really hurt your wallet.

How much is a cup of coffee in Slovakia?

Slovakia is a great place to go if you like coffee. There are cozy bars all over the country that serve delicious, fragrant drinks. In one of these shops, a cup of cappuccino would cost you about €2.

With this small amount of money, you get more than just a cup of coffee. It’s a call to enjoy Slovakia’s lively cafe culture while sipping your drink in historic squares, cute side streets, or along the river.

What is the average salary in Slovakia in euros?

At the start of 2023, the average monthly net pay in Slovakia was about €900. But this number isn’t set in stone. This number could change based on the industry you work in, your job experience, and where you live.

I have to say that IT, banking, and engineering jobs tend to pay more on average, while jobs in hospitality or retail may pay less.

But just like its neighboring country the Czech Republic, salaries are on the rise and increase every year as it is still very much developing.

How much does a house cost in Slovakia?

Just like everywhere else in the world, where a house is located has a big effect on how much it costs. If you want to live in the center of Bratislava in an apartment with a view of the Danube, you can expect to pay between €2000 and €3000 per square meter.

But Slovakia has a lot more to offer than just its city. When you leave Bratislava, the prices of homes drop by a lot.

Bratislava in cost of living in Slovakia

Prices here range from €800 to €1500 per square meter in smaller towns and the countryside, depending on where the property is and how it looks.

Cities like Nitra, Trencin, Trnava, Kosice and Zilina are also great options to live for a better price than in Bratislava. On the other hand, you’ll probably get a higher salary in Bratislava.

What is the average rent in Slovakia?

In Slovakia, renting is a great choice if you aren’t ready to buy a home yet. A smart one-bedroom flat in the center of Bratislava could cost between €600 and €800 per month.

But if you move a little bit away from the city center, the rent drops to between €400 and €600. In smaller towns, similar apartments can be hired for between €300 and €500 per month, which is even cheaper.

Is Slovakia a nice place to live?

Yes, Slovakia is often thought of as a great place to live, and there are many reasons for this.

First of all, Slovakia is famous for its beautiful nature. From the High Tatras mountains to the beautiful countryside with its vineyards and woods, there are many places to go hiking, skiing, or wine tasting outside.

Tatra Mountains Bratislava in cost of living in Slovakia
Tatra Mountains

Slovakia’s cities and towns are full of cultural and architectural gems from the past. The capital, Bratislava, is a lively city with lots of restaurants, bars, shops, and cultural events and festivals. It also has a long past.

The level of living in Slovakia is high. It has good health care and schooling, and there isn’t much crime there, so it’s a safe place to live.

Even though Slovak is the official language, English is widely spoken, especially by younger people and in bigger cities.

The country is in the middle of Europe, which makes it a great place to start travelling and seeing other parts of the continent.

Lastly, compared to the rest of Western Europe, the cost of living in Slovakia is not very high. All of the prices for housing, food, and leisure are great, which can add to a good quality of life.

But, like anywhere else, life in Slovakia has its pros and cons, and different people will have different experiences. It’s always a good idea to visit Slovakia first, see the different areas, and talk to locals and expats to get a full picture of what it would be like for you to live there.

What is the quality of life in Slovakia?

When it comes to quality of life, Slovakia ranks high. The country has a good health care system that makes sure everyone has access to good medical care.

From grade school to college, it has a solid education system with high learning standards. The towns in Slovakia are clean and well-kept, making them nice places to live.

City of Trencin in Slovakia
City of Trencin in Slovakia

If you love spending time outside, Slovakia is a treasure trove of natural beauty with many ways to relax and have fun.

The Wrap-Up: Cost of Living in Slovakia

To sum it up, Slovakia has a lot to offer anyone who is thinking about moving. It has a low cost of living, but the quality of life isn’t affected in any way.

Slovakia is a great place to visit, whether you’re interested in the cheap food and drink, the relatively cheap housing, or just the beauty of the country itself. The cost of living can be different in any country, based on your lifestyle and where you choose to live.

But compared to many countries in Western Europe, your money goes much further when you compare the cost of living in Slovakia to these countries. Slovakia is the place to go if you want to live somewhere that is both cheap and full of things to do.

This beautiful place in Central Europe might be just what you need for your new life!

Your restless voyager,


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