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Is North Macedonia Cheap to Visit (2024)?

Looking for a new cool holiday spot and curious is North Macedonia cheap to visit?

I know that before going on a trip, people often wonder how much their trip will cost. If you’re thinking of a cool Balkan country to visit, you might wonder is North Macedonia cheap to visit?

Well, luckily for you, this post dives into how much it costs to travel to this beautiful country.

I’ll talk you through a wide range of prices, from how much a coffee in a cute café in Ohrid costs to how much a ticket to a museum costs.

Let’s dive in!

Is North Macedonia cheap or expensive?

North Macedonia is one of THE most affordable countries in Europe! North Macedonia is generally thought to be a cheap place to visit, especially when compared to Western European countries.

I’ll give you five examples of prices in North Macedonia that will help you get a better idea of how affordable it is. These examples show a variety of typical trip costs, such as lodging, food, and getting around. Keep in mind that these prices depend on the season, where you stay in the country, and other things:

  • Budget Hostel: A bed in a room at a budget hostel in a city like Skopje or Ohrid can cost you between €10 and €15 per night. Most of the time, these hostels have simple amenities and a social atmosphere, which makes them a cheap choice for backpackers or if you’re traveling alone.
  • Meal at a Mid-Range Restaurant: At a mid-range restaurant, a meal runs about €5 to €10. A traditional Macedonian meal like Tavče Gravče (a bean stew) or grilled meats, along with a salad and bread, could be part of this. The amounts are usually big, so you get a lot for your money! I like it!
  • Public Transportation: A ticket for a single trip on a city bus costs you between €0.30 and €1.00. In most towns in North Macedonia, public transportation works quite well and doesn’t cost much, so it’s a cheap way to get around.
  • Cappuccino in a Café: A cappuccino in a nearby café could cost you between €1.00 and €1.50. There are a lot of nice cafés in North Macedonia that are great for unwinding after a day of sightseeing.
  • Museum Ticket: Most museums and historical places have fair fees to enter in my opinion. For example, the Mother Teresa Memorial House in Skopje only costs about €2.00 to enter, making it a cheap way to experience culture.
  • Local Street Food: Trying street food is a cheap and fun way to get to know the local food. I would recommend to try Burek, a traditional flaky cake that is filled with meat or cheese. For about €1 to €2, you can get this tasty treat.
  • Local Beer in a Bar: If you want to enjoy the nightlife in your area, the price of a domestic beer in a bar or club is pretty fair. A 500ml draft beer usually costs you between €1.50 and €2.50, but this depends on the store and where it is located.
  • Day Trips: To get out of the city, people often take day trips to places like Matka Canyon or the wine area in Tikveš. These kinds of trips can be planned as group tours that cost between €20 and €40 per person and usually include transportation and a guide.

These examples show that North Macedonia is usually a cheap place to visit, especially when compared to many countries in Western Europe. Because of this, you can enjoy a wide range of activities without having to pay a lot of money.

Is it cheap to visit Skopje?

Let’s break it even further down and let’s focus on Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia. It’s a great city to visit on a budget, especially when compared to other European major cities.

Main square in Skopje in is North Macedonia cheap to visit?
Main square in Skopje

There are many choices in the city for people with different means. Here are some examples for you:

  • Accommodation: Hostels in Skopje offer cheap shared beds for about €8 to €12 per night for people who want to save money on their stay. Rooms at cheap hotels and guesthouses start at about €20 to €30 per night and offer you more privacy and comfort.
  • Eating Out: There are many places to eat in Skopje. A meal at a cheap restaurant or a small café in the area can cost anywhere from €3 to €5. At a moderately priced restaurant, a full meal will cost you between €6 and €10 per person.
  • Public Transportation: The public transportation system in Skopje works well and doesn’t cost too much. A single bus ticket costs about €0.60, so it’s a cheap (and great) way to get around the city.
  • Coffee Breaks: Having a coffee at one of Skopje’s cute shops is a fun and inexpensive thing to do. Most of the time, a regular coffee costs you €1 to €1.50.
  • Museum and Attraction Tickets: The prices for tickets to see sights in Skopje are fair. For example, it might cost about €2 to €3 to visit the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle. Other smaller museums and galleries may have even lower prices or even free admission.

The prices in these cases show that Skopje stays a good to visit if you’re on a budget. Overall, the city is a good deal for tourists, though some services and activities might be more expensive, especially in places that are popular with tourists.

Is Macedonia cheaper than Bulgaria?

I found out that these two countries are often being compared when it comes to a holiday destination.

It’s a close call between these two Balkan neighbors, but North Macedonia is usually a little cheaper than Bulgaria, especially when it comes to things like accommodations and eating out.

You can get a lot for your money in both countries, but you might find that your money goes a little further in North Macedonia, letting you enjoy more things.

Is North Macedonia good for tourists?

Yes, for sure! North Macedonia is a lovely place to visit. I have been here multiple times and the country has a lot of different kinds of natural beauty, historical interest, and culture life.

Because it’s smaller, you can see a lot of different things without having to drive far. Everyone can find something they like in Skopje, from the peaceful beauty of Lake Ohrid to the busy streets of the city.

Lake Ohrid
Lake Ohrid

Activities like going to museums, taking guided walks, and going on outdoor adventures don’t cost too much, so you can have a great trip without going broke.

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In other words, you have plenty of options and there is plenty to see (and most of it is free or has very decent prices)!

Is euro accepted in North Macedonia?

The official money is the Macedonian Denar, but I found that some places take Euros in tourist areas. It’s not a common practice, though, and the exchange rate might not be good.

Having some Denar with you is helpful for small purchases, going to the store, and getting around. The best idea for buying some small souvenirs to take home with you.

There are a lot of ATMs, and foreign exchange offices offer good rates. For the best deal, it’s best to use the local cash.

Is tipping normal in Macedonia?

In North Macedonia, especially in the service business, tipping is becoming more and more common. It’s not required, but it would be nice if you did. If the service at a place is good, most people (including myself) leave a tip of about 10%.

A usual way to tip a taxi driver is to round up the fare. It’s nice to leave a small tip for housekeepers or waiters in hotels. Remember that tipping is a way to say thanks for good service, so you decide how much to give.

Is North Macedonia cheap to visit: FAQs

The information below will give you some more great insights when you’re thinking of visiting North Macedonia!

Is North Macedonia a beautiful country?

It would be too simple to say that North Macedonia is beautiful. The country is full of beautiful natural sights and important historical places!

The scenery includes beautiful mountains that are great for hiking and skiing, as well as calm lakes that are great for relaxing in the summer.

The city of Ohrid
The city of Ohrid

Archaeological sites, old churches, and traditional buildings that have been well taken care of show the country’s long past. UNESCO World Heritage sites include cities like Ohrid, which has buildings that are hundreds of years old and a charming old town.

North Macedonia is a beautiful place to visit whether you’re interested in nature, history, or just beautiful scenery.

How many days are enough for North Macedonia?

What you want to see and do in North Macedonia will help you decide how long you should stay there. A 7–10-day plan is best in my opinion because it gives you time to enjoy the main sights without feeling rushed.

This amount of time is great for taking in the sights of Skopje, relaxing at Lake Ohrid, and visiting historical sites like Bitola and the ancient city of Heraclea Lyncestis.

You might even want to extend your stay if you like hiking or want to learn more about the country’s natural and culture sights.

Is North Macedonia safe to travel?

I know that pretty much every tourist cares about safety. Luckily, North Macedonia is known for being a safe place for people to visit. Not many crimes happen, mostly to tourists.

But yes, it’s still important to use common sense and follow normal safety rules, just like in any other country. Watch your things, pay attention to your surroundings, and stay away from empty places at night. Doing this and you’ll be more than fine!

Do I need visa for Macedonia?

Getting a visa for North Macedonia depends on what country you are from. But there is good news for a lot of us! A lot of countries, mostly those in the EU and North America, can visit without a visa for short trips, usually up to 90 days.

But it’s very important to make sure you have the most up-to-date visa information before you go, since rules can change.

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    The Wrap-Up: Is North Macedonia cheap to visit?

    Let’s wrap it up here! North Macedonia comes out as a great place to travel that won’t break the bank. It is a fantastic choice in 2024 because it has beautiful nature, interesting history, friendly people, and low prices overall.

    To get the most out of North Macedonia without spending too much, do things that are unique to the area, stay in places that are easy on the wallet, and get involved in the way of life there.

    Last tip, you can have a memorable and inexpensive trip in this beautiful Balkan country if you plan ahead.

    Your restless voyager,


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