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Is Podgorica safe to visit? The Best Mini-Guide!

Looking for a great city break but wondering is Podgorica safe?

When it comes to organizing your holiday, the safety of the destination is, without a question, a very important factor to take into consideration. So, is Podgorica safe?

If you are considering a trip to the warm climates of Montenegro, more specifically to its thriving capital city of Podgorica, then you are probably wondering whether or not it is safe to travel to Podgorica.

Let’s dive into this topic, along with a great number of others, throughout this mini-guide in order to provide you with an accurate and complete picture of what to expect during your time in Podgorica.

I have been to Podgorica myself and I’m thrilled to write about this city.

Is Podgorica safe to visit for tourists?

Montenegro and its capital, Podgorica, have recently been basking in the spotlight because of a great increase in tourism over the past few years.

However, is it safe to visit? The simple answer to that question is, yes. Podgorica is a city much like any other in the world, and therefore it has its fair share of difficulties, but in general, it is a reasonably safe location for you to visit.

Crimes committed against tourists are extremely rare in this city, which extends a warm welcome to all who come to visit.

In terms of the level of safety it offers, Podgorica is comparable to many other cities in Europe.

Take the normal safety measures, such as keeping a close eye on your stuff at all times, especially in crowded areas, and avoiding showing off expensive items in public as much as possible.

It is important to keep in mind that maintaining situational awareness can go a long way towards guaranteeing a pleasant and secure trip, despite the fact that the city is, in general, a quiet and relaxed place to live.

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Is Podgorica safe for solo female travelers?

It can be both exciting and scary going on a trip alone to a country or city that you’ve never been to before.

However, safety is typically a greater worry for female tourists than it is for male travelers.

The good news is that female tourists will not have any significant safety concerns while residing in Podgorica. The city’s police department keeps a constant presence in the city, and the people who live there are typically courteous and helpful.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to use common sense when it comes to safety precautions, as is the case in any city on the globe.

Try to stay away from secluded areas after dark, exercise extreme caution when offered alcohol by strangers, and only use authorized taxis or ride-sharing services you can trust.

If you follow these principles for safety, you’ll be more than fine and able to enjoy everything this city and surrounding areas have to offer.

Is Podgorica safe at night?

It is understandable for tourists to be concerned about their safety during the evening hours. However, Podgorica does not have a reputation for being a risky place to be when the sun goes down.

The city core, as well as the majority of other popular places, has adequate lighting, and there are typically enough people around to give you a sense of safety or if you’re in need of help.

Podgorica at night
Podgorica at night

However, just like in other cities, there are some neighborhoods that are safer to stay away from late at night.

This is especially important if you are traveling by yourself or are not familiar with the layout of the city. It is usually a good idea to research your routes ahead of time or to stick to regions that you are already familiar with being safe.

Is tap water in Podgorica drinkable?

Podgorica has an A+ grade when it comes to the topic of the availability of safe drinking water.

It is perfectly fine to drink the water that comes out of the tap in Podgorica. Because it meets all of the internationally recognized criteria, you can easily refill your bottle by just running it under the running water.

On the other hand, if you have a stomach that is easily upset or simply favors the flavor of bottled water, there is no shortage of places where you can purchase it.

Is Podgorica safe to live?

Spending time in a foreign place as a tourist is far different from actually making that city your home and calling it home.

You’ll find a low cost of living and a laid-back environment in the relatively small city of Podgorica, which is located in Montenegro. However, what kind of record does it have in terms of safety?

To live in Podgorica is generally speaking to be a really safe thing to do. Residents in general feel that they have a good sense of security in their communities, notwithstanding the low incidence of violent crimes.

Before deciding where to settle down in a city, it is critical to do extensive study because, like in every metropolis, some neighborhoods are regarded as being safer than others.

It is always a good idea to talk to people who live in the area, people who have lived there previously, or real estate brokers in order to get a sense of which communities are the safest and most compatible with your way of life.

What are common scams in Podgorica?

Even while fraud is a worldwide problem, it is possible to become a victim of certain scams in Podgorica, despite the city’s relatively low crime rate.

  • Overcharging in taxis: this is one of the city’s most typical scams, and it is committed primarily against visitors who are not aware of the going rates in the area.
  • The possibility of pickpocketing: this takes place in crowded places such as supermarkets or public transportation.

Just try to stay alert and keep yourself informed in order to protect yourself from these scams.

I would always negotiate the price of the taxi ride ahead of time, or even better, utilize a reputable taxi service that has predetermined rates.

Because of the risk of pickpocketing, you should always keep your valuables safe and within sight, especially when you are in a crowded area.

Visiting Podgorica: FAQs

If you got excited about visiting Podgorica, the information below might help you to prepare your trip and the get the maximum out of your stay.

Is Podgorica worth visiting?

From my own experience I can say, yes! Podgorica isn’t as well-known as some of the other capital cities in Europe or even Central and Eastern Europe, but it definitely has its own special allure.

It’s a relatively small capital city in the Balkans which makes it cozy and concise at the same time.

The city is home to a lovely assortment of historical landmarks, verdant parks, mouthwatering regional specialties, and exciting nightlife options.

Iconic bridge
Iconic bridge

In addition to this, its central location in the middle of the country gives it an excellent home base from which to discover the rest of Montenegro’s breathtaking scenery and charming seaside cities.

Do they speak English in Podgorica?

You’ll discover that a lot of people in Podgorica, particularly those working in the hospitality and tourism industries, have a strong command of the English language. Also in other places like Kotor or along the Budva Riviera you’ll experience this.

Because of the focus on the Eglish language at school, younger generations typically have a strong command of the English language.

If you speak English, you are unlikely to experience serious language difficulties in this city.

Nevertheless, picking up even a few words and phrases of the local language before you visit Montenegro might enhance your trip and help you to communicate in a basic way with the people you meet there.

It is a gesture of respect and interest in their culture, both of which are always welcomed, and it is an indication that you care about them.

Where to stay in Podgorica?

There are some great options for you when it comes to accommodation in Podgorica. However, these two are my recommendations.

  • Luxury: Perla Residence & Spa (close to city center and a rating of 9.2 out of 10!)

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  • Mid-range: Hotel Resurs (located in the city center and a rating of 9.3 out of 10!)

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  • Budget: Aria Apartmani (city center location and a rating of 9.7 out of 10!)

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Is it expensive in Podgorica?

Like most of Montenegro, Podgorica is generally less expensive than many places in Western Europe or even other cities in the Balkans like Belgrade, Zagreb or Sarajevo.

There are many different types of lodging, from pricey hotels to convenient hostels. While international or fancy eating will cost you a bit extra, local cuisine at normal restaurants is often relatively affordable.

In Podgorica, taxis and public transportation are both reasonably priced. The majority of tourist attractions and cultural centers either charge minimal entrance fees or are free.

Shopping can be cheap, particularly in small neighborhood markets. However, premium and imported goods are usually more expensive.

Are Montenegrins friendly?

Montenegrins are known for their great hospitality and kindness, and they often go above and beyond to serve guests and make them feel welcome in their country.

You’ll find this tradition of hospitality also throughout Podgorica, where people are known for being approachable and kind to visitors.

It is important to remember to show them that you appreciate their hospitality and that you respect their customs and traditions, even though cultural norms can differ from one society to another.

The Wrap-Up: Is Podgorica safe to visit?

When it comes to safety, Podgorica, like every other city in the world, has both positives and negatives to offer. But I can personally say that I never felt unsafe in Podgorica.

Nevertheless, if you use a little bit of common sense, stay vigilant, and arm yourself with the appropriate information, Podgorica is not only a safe place to visit but also provides a travel experience that is gratifying and enriching!

Podgorica is generally a welcome and safe destination, regardless of whether you are a woman traveling alone, a night owl interested in experiencing the city’s nightlife, or someone looking for a longer stay.

The city has a rich history and culture, the drinking water from the tap is safe to consume, the locals are kind, and they often speak English.

Although it is essential to maintain vigilance to avoid common scams like being overcharged by taxis and having possessions stolen, these problems are not exclusive to Podgorica and can occur in many tourist areas throughout the world.

Always keep in mind that being well-informed and aware of your surroundings is one of the most important factors in determining your level of safety.

Your trip to Podgorica, Montenegro’s capital and largest city, is sure to be one to remember now that you have read this mini-guide. Safe travels!

Your restless voyager,


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