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National Animal of Poland: The Symbol of a Country!

Do you also love Poland and wonder about the national animal of Poland as the country’s symbol?

Today, I’ll take you on an exciting trip to Poland, a country in the middle of Europe known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and lively culture. But what about the national animal of Poland?

Let’s face it, you probably know that a country’s cultural symbols often show the spirit of its people, and Poland is no different.

Poland’s national animal is a beautiful symbol of what this country is all about. Did you get curious? That’s good!

Let’s dive in and find out!

What is the national animal of Poland?

This is the big question today.. But luckily, I have the answer for you! It’s the beautiful White-Tailed Eagle, also called or known as the sea eagle. The fact that this bird was chosen by the Polish people as the symbol says a lot about them and what they value.

The White-Tailed Eagle is a creature that deserves respect as it looks like a king and has huge wings that can reach up to 2.4 meters in length(!) This powerful bird of prey is a symbol of freedom, strength, and power. Just like the Polish people.

You’ll find Poland is in the middle of Europe and its beaches, woods, and high mountains are perfect for these amazing birds. Both locals and visitors are amazed when they see these beautiful animals flying through the sky with their wide wings.

National animal of Poland - The White-Tailed Eagle
The White-Tailed Eagle

The White-Tailed Eagle has been a part of many local myths and tales. People see it as a protector, a symbol of confidence, and a sign of strength. When a White-Tailed Eagle takes flight, it looks strong, free, and rebellious. This is exactly how Poles feel about themselves.

Also, the eagle is also extremely important to the Polish ecosystem. As a top predator, it’s very important to keep nature in balance, keeping other animal populations in check, and making sure there are many different kinds of life.

Why is the eagle the symbol of Poland?

Poland’s national symbol looks pretty cool (if you ask me) but why is it the country’s symbol? Well, it has a long past and we have to go way back. To be more precise, Polish kings chose the Eagle as their national symbol for the first time in the 13th century!

They thought the eagle was a sign of royal power and freedom, which are still important to the Polish people today.

National symbol on Polish buildings
National symbol on Polish buildings

The eagle has been a sign of Polish pride and identity for hundreds of years.

Why is the White Tailed Eagle important to Poland?

The White-Tailed Eagle is not only the national animal of Poland, but it is also an important part of its ecosystem. These eagles do really well in Poland’s natural areas and are an important part of the environment.

They are the top predators, so they help control the number of their prey and keep nature in great balance.

Also, they play a big role in Polish folklore and legends, which shows how important they are. People think of the White-Tailed Eagle as a guardian of high places and a symbol of bravery and strength.

The national animal of Poland: FAQs

The questions and answers below are related to the national animal of Poland and will give you more information!

What is the eagle on the Polish flag called?

The eagle on the Polish flag is called the White Eagle, (Orzeł Biały) which is Poland’s national coat of arms. It doesn’t have a specific name other than this.

It looks like a white bird with a golden beak and claws and a golden crown on its head. Since the 13th century, this picture of an eagle has been used as a symbol.

Are there eagles in Poland?

As the symbol of their country, you might be wondering whether eagles actually live in Poland. But yes, Eagles do live in Poland!

And not just the White-Tailed Eagle, but also a few other kinds of Eagles. There are many different kinds of eagles in Poland, such as the Golden Eagle, the Lesser Spotted Eagle, and the Greater Spotted Eagle.

They roam majestically over the country’s woods, mountains, and rivers, which could you leave you, if you’re a real nature lover and bird watcher, in awe.

What wild animals are in Poland?

Poland has a lot of different kinds of landscapes, so it has a diverse range of animals. Wild animals live in very different natural environments, from mountains to dense forests to open fields.

Here are a few examples that you could meet while traveling through to Poland:

1. European Bison:

The European Bison, also called żubr in Poland, is the largest land animal in Europe. It’s also a symbol of Polish wildlife. After being hunted to extinction in the wild earlier in the 20th century, they have now been brought back as a result of protection efforts.

national animal of poland - The European Bison
The European Bison

The biggest group of these animals that are free to roam is in the Białowieża Forest, which is on the border between Poland and Belarus. With their shaggy, brown-black bodies and sharp, curved horns, these magnificent animals are great to look at.

2. Grey Wolf:

Grey Wolves are an important part of Poland’s wildlife. This animal is found all over Poland, but it is most common in the Bieszczady Mountains and the woods of eastern Poland.

The Grey Wolf
The Grey Wolf

Did you know that Grey Wolves are important to the environment? The reason is that they help keep the number of deer and other animals in balance. These animals are known for their complicated social systems and how they act as a group.

They are the perfect example of wildness and freedom that’s very hard to be tamed.

3. Eurasian Lynx:

To me, the Eurasian Lynx is one of the most interesting animals in Poland because of its beautiful spotted coat, unique tufts on its ears, and beautiful eyes. Most of the time, you’ll find them living in the dense woods of the Carpathian Mountains.

The Eurasian Lynx
The Eurasian Lynx

Since they are mostly active at night, they are hard to see. Even though they like to be alone, Lynx are an important part of the local ecosystem because they eat smaller animals and birds.

4. European Beaver:

The European Beaver lives in the marshes of Poland. This animal is fascinating and works extremely hard! Beavers are some sort of ecosystem engineers because of the way they can change the environment by making all kinds of dams and lodges.

The European Beaver
The European Beaver

Their actions make homes for many different species and help keep wetland areas healthy.

5. White-Tailed Eagle:

As is known by now, the White-Tailed Eagle is Poland’s national animal and an important part of its wildlife. Most of the time, if you want to spot them, these big birds of prey live near large bodies of water surrounding by forests.

national animal of Poland - The White-Tailed Eagle
The White-Tailed Eagle

They are known for being really strong and quick, and they are great hunters who mostly eat fish and water birds. Their presence adds to the variety of life in the area, and seeing them fly is always a great sight.

Each of these animals makes a big difference to Poland’s rich biodiversity and are helping to keep the balance of its complete ecosystem.

What are other national symbols of Poland?

Poland has several other national symbols besides the White-Tailed Eagle. I’ll give you a few examples below:

  • The White and Red Flag: Poland’s national flag is just white and red, with the white stripe on top. It stands for the Polish ideals of peace, courage, and resilience.
  • Poland’s National Anthem: The Mazurek Dąbrowskiego or Dąbrowski’s Mazurka is Poland’s national anthem. It’s a pretty vibrant song that shows the spirit of freedom and its fight for national identity.
  • The Corn Poppy: This is Poland’s national flower. This nice and bright red flower is called mak polny in Poland. It is often linked to farming and to remembering soldiers who died in battle throughout history.

The Wrap-Up: The national animal of Poland

The national animal of Poland, the White-Tailed Eagle, is a symbol of the country’s long past, strong character, and deep connection to nature.

Much more than just a symbol, it shows how strong, independent, and long-lasting Poland is. This majestic bird and its other national symbols give Poland its own fierce character.

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