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Best time to visit Belgrade?

Thinking of a city trip but wondering what’s the best time to visit Belgrade?

Belgrade is a city full of history, culture, and modern charm. It’s in the center of the Balkans and stands as a symbol of variety and change. But what is the best time to visit Belgrade?

The Serbian capital city, Belgrade, is located at the point where the Danube and Sava rivers meet. It has a lot to offer every traveler.

But if you want to make the most of your time there, you should know the best time to go.

Let’s unravel this question in more detail together!

What is the best month to visit Belgrade?

Depending on your preferences as a traveler, April to June and September to October are usually thought to be the best times to visit Belgrade.

In the spring and autumn, the city has mild temperatures and a comfortable climate. This is a great time to visit the city’s outdoor sites, attend a variety of cultural events, and enjoy the city’s lively nightlife.

During these times, you can take a nice walk down Knez Mihailova Street, see the city’s building masterpieces like the Belgrade Fortress, or just relax by the Ada Ciganlija lake.

Kalemegdan Fortress
Kalemegdan Fortress

But remember that Belgrade’s charm isn’t just limited to these months; each season gives the city its own flavor.

What is the weather like in Belgrade over the year?

The weather in Belgrade is humid and subtropical, and there are really four different seasons. The weather in the city goes from hot in the summer to cold in the winter, with beautiful but short spring and fall seasons in between.

During the summer, which lasts from June to August, temperatures often go above 30°C. But the warm weather means that you can go to the city’s busy river clubs, exciting outdoor music, and lively beer gardens.

From September to November, the autumn in Belgrade is calm and beautiful. The average temperature during these months is between 15°C and 25°C. The skyline changes into a picture with red, orange, and gold colours.

The air has a bit of a chill to it, which makes it a great time to visit cosy bars, try some of the local food, or take a slow walk through lush parks like Kalemegdan or Topider Park.

From December to February, when winter is in full swing, temperatures often drop below 0°C. During the winter, snow generally covers the city, making it look like a winter wonderland. The city is even more charming when people are happy, like at Christmas and New Year’s.

From March to May, spring in Belgrade is a beautiful time, with trees in bloom, temperatures between 10°C and 20°C, and a lively vibe. It’s the best time of year to visit the city’s parks, historical places, and busy markets.

What is the hottest month in Belgrade?

Most of the time, July is the hottest month in Belgrade. During this time, the normal high temperature is around 31°C, but on really hot days, it’s not unusual for the thermometer to rise above 35°C (!).

Even though it’s hot, the city stays busy with summer festivals, music in the open air, and a busy nightlife.

Nightlife along the river
Nightlife along the river

If you plan to go in July, bring sunscreen, hats, and light, flexible clothes so you can stay comfortable in the heat.

What are the coldest months in Belgrade?

January and February are the coldest months in Belgrade. Temperatures drop in the city, and the lows often hit around -2°C.

During these months, it snows a lot, covering the city’s old buildings and cobblestone streets with a layer of sparkling snow.

St. Sava Temple in winter in best time to visit Belgrade
St. Sava Temple in winter

Even though it’s cold, the city’s charm hasn’t changed at all. Winter is a good time to visit Serbia because of the winter holidays, cultural events, and hearty food.

Is Belgrade nice in winter?

Yes, Belgrade is very beautiful in the winter. As the city gets covered in a coat of fluffy snow, its old buildings and quaint neighborhoods take on an ethereal beauty.

A trip to the snow-covered Kalemegdan Fortress not only immerses you in history, but also gives you incredibly beautiful views of the city in winter.

Also, Belgrade’s Christmas markets are full of cheer during the holiday season.

With their twinkling lights, beautifully decorated booths selling everything from crafts to food, and the warm, welcoming smell of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts wafting through the cold air, they are a treat for the eyes and nose.

Also, there are usually fewer people around in the winter, making it easier for you to explore the city.

Visiting Belgrade: FAQs

If you want to go for a city-break to Belgrade, the information below might help you prepare yourself and to plan ahead.

What to wear in Belgrade in winter?

When going to Belgrade in the winter, it’s important to make sure you’re warm and comfortable.

The key is to dress in layers!

Start with some thermal pants, add a warm sweater or fleece jacket and finish with a coat that can stand up to the weather. Especially after it snows, you need waterproof boots to keep your feet dry and warm.

Scarves, gloves, and hats will help you stay warm when the wind is cold. If you plan to go to formal events, you should have a few stylish but warm clothes in your closet.

Don’t forget that comfort is important for day trips, so pack properly!

What is the best way to travel in Belgrade?

There are many ways to get around Belgrade, but the public transport system might be the best.

Trams, busses, and trolleybuses run all over the city. They are cheap and give you a real taste of what it’s like to live there.

You can buy tickets at kiosks around the city or on the bus, but getting them ahead of time is cheaper.

Cycling is a great way to get around Belgrade for people who like to get some exercise. With more and more bike routes, the city is becoming more and more bike-friendly. There are many places to rent bikes, so it’s easy to get around on two wheels.

Lastly, going around the city on foot is a great way to get to know it. Many of Belgrade’s best sights, especially in the city center, are close enough to each other that you can walk between them.

Belgrade's main pedestrian street in best to time to visit Belgrade
Belgrade’s main pedestrian street

This makes a relaxed stroll a great way to see the sights.

Is Belgrade expensive for tourists?

Belgrade isn’t as expensive as many other European major cities. The costs of living, eating, getting around, and having fun are usually lower.

Belgrade has options for everyone, whether you’re a backpacker looking for a hostel and tasty street food or a high-end traveler looking for a high-end hotel and fine eating.

Prices can change based on the time of year and where you are in the city, but in general, your money will go further in Belgrade.

How many days do you need to see Belgrade?

The best time to visit Belgrade is between three and four days. However, if you’re only on a short stay, check out this 2-day itinerary.

This gives you enough time to see the major sights like the Belgrade Fortress, Knez Mihailova Street, and the Temple of Saint Sava, as well as to enjoy the city’s lively café culture and lively nightlife.

If your plan allows, spending more time in the city gives you the chance to explore the neighbourhoods, find hidden gems, visit different museums, and even take day trips to nearby places like Avala Mountain or Novi Sad.

The city of Novi Sad
The city of Novi Sad

The Wrap-Up: Best time to Visit Belgrade?

Belgrade is a great place to visit any time of year because it has a unique mix of history, culture, and current life.

Every season gives the city a different feel, from lively summer festivals to snow-covered winter landscapes, from the bright colours of spring flowers to the quiet beauty of fall leaves.

If the weather is important to you, the shoulder seasons of spring and fall might be the best time to visit Belgrade. These seasons have mild temperatures and a lot of outdoor activities.

Between June and August are the best months for people who want to enjoy a busy summer.

On the other hand, if you like the charm of a European winter and like to explore without the normal crowds of tourists, December through February could be a great time to go.

Belgrade will leave a lasting mark on your heart, whether you’re interested in history, food, the nightlife, or you’re just a traveler looking for something different.

Belgrade is a city that always has something new and exciting to offer. So, pack your bags, make plans, and go on a trip to see this fascinating city. You can always check out this accurate weather forecast before you leave.

Here’s to a great trip to the heart of Serbia! May it be full of joy, new experiences, and lots of great memories!

And it’s always great weather to witness the Eternal Football Derby of Belgrade between Partizan and Red Star if you’re a football fan.

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