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Cost of Living Bucharest (2024): A Review of Romania’s Capital City!

Thinking of a move to Romania and wondering about the cost of living Bucharest?

You’ll probably know Romania as the home of Dracula, having a rich folk culture, and beautiful nature. Bucharest, the country’s capital city, is a great mix of old-world charm and a modern way of life. But what about the cost of living Bucharest?

Is it expensive or is it as nice as the people here?

Let’s look at the cost of living in beautiful Bucharest, which is a true gem in Eastern Europe in my eyes.

This complete review will give you a look into the cost of living in this amazing city. Let’s dive in!

Is it expensive to live in Bucharest?

I would say that the cost of living in Bucharest is definitely A LOT cheaper than in many other capital cities in Europe, especially when compared to cities in Western Europe and North America.

But whether or not you thinks it’s expensive depends a lot on you own situation, how you live, and how much money you have.

Let me give you an example. An expat from a country with a higher average income might find the cost of living in Bucharest to be really good because their salary or funds could buy more here.

On the other hand, compared to the average salary in Romania, the cost of living may seem high to people who live there or who make less money.

Most of the things that make up the cost of living, like housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and fun things to do, are cheaper in Bucharest than in places like Paris, London, or New York. I’ll discuss this more in detail later on.

Even though the general cost of living is lower, it’s important to remember that wages in Romania tend to be lower than in Western countries. So, you should always compare the cost of living to your salary when figuring out if something is affordable for you.

How much is rent in Bucharest?

How much you’ll pay for rent in Bucharest depends on many things, like where your desired dreamspot is located, how big it is, and the quality of the property.

For example, a nice one-bedroom apartment close to shops and entertainment spots in the city center would cost you anywhere from €450 to €650 per month.

Cost of living Bucharest - city center
Bucharest city center

But if you’re ready to live a little further away from the city center, you can find cheaper options. In these places, the rent for a similar flat might be between €270 and €430 per month.

Remember that these are just estimates, and the real prices may be different.

How much is the average house price in Bucharest?

The price of buying a home in Bucharest is very different based on the location, the size of the house, and in what kind of state it is. But on average, a house in the city center might cost you between €1,200 and €1,800 per square meter.

Prices can be a little lower for homes on the outskirts of the city or in less popular places. In these places, the average price per square meter could be anywhere from €720 to €1,050.

These are just estimates based on what I was able to find. The real prices can also change depending on how the market is doing.

When you’re making a budget to buy a house in Bucharest, it’s also important to think about extra costs like real estate agent fees, property taxes, and possible renovation costs.

As with any real estate investment, I would suggest talking to a local real estate agent or doing a lot of study to learn more about how the market works right now.

Cost of food in Romania

Food prices in Romania are usually pretty low, especially in Bucharest, and especially if you like to eat local food and to cook at home.

Looking at a single person’s POV, you’re looking to spend between €140 and €185 on groceries each month, but this could be more or less based on what you eat and how (good) you cook.

Cost of living Bucharest - Local Fruit & Vegetable market
Local Fruit & Vegetable market

Romania is also a great place to visit if you like to eat out! For about €5 to €8 per person, you can get a really good meal at a modest restaurant.

And luckily for you, the food in Romania is very diverse and very tasty, and there are many choices for both meat eaters and vegetarians. No need to feel left-out here!

How much do you need to live comfortably in Bucharest?

Comfortable living is very personal and changes from person to person, but I’ll explain it in general terms and give some examples.

  • Rent: A one-bedroom flat in the city center can cost you between €450 and €650 per month. If you choose a place further from the center, you can expect to pay between €270 and €430.
  • Groceries: As a single person, you would spend about €140 to €185 a month on basic groceries like bread, milk, eggs, fruits, veggies, meat, and other things that you need for your cooking habits.
  • Utilities: These include electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage, and other kind of services. They could cost you between €90 and €140 a month. Also, the prices of the internet and cell phone could add another €16 to €25.
  • Getting around: A monthly pass for public transport in Bucharest costs you about $16. If you drive, you would have to pay for petrol and parking, which could vary based on how far you drive to work each day.
  • Health: Health insurance costs can vary a lot based on coverage, but let’s say a basic plan costs between €45 and €90 per month. If you’re moving for a job, the company might cover these costs for you.
  • Leisure and Fun: This heavily depends on you as a person and on how you live. If you go out to eat, to the movies, or do other social things a few times a month, you might spend €90 to €180.
  • Fitness: If you want to be a member of a gym, it can cost between €25 and €45 per month. But you’ll keep yourself fit and you might meet new people!

Adding these up, you would be looking at somewhere between €900 – €1350 per month to cover basic costs and live a comfortable life in Bucharest.

Just remember, this doesn’t take into account savings, holidays, or any other unexpected costs, so you might want to add a little bit more.

Cost of living Bucharest: FAQs

Let’s dive a bit deeper into this topic and cover some questions related to the cost of living Bucharest.

What is a good monthly salary in Romania?

From what I researched, the average net monthly salary in Romania is between €800 – €900. You’ll be paid in the country’s currency called the Romanian Iei (RON), though.

But this is just an average, and actual earnings can change a lot depending on stuff like industry, your experience, your qualifications, your desired job position, and so on.

If you work in fields like IT, finance, or engineering, you may be able to get much better salaries.

Is it a good idea to move to Romania?

I know from my own experience that moving to a different country is a big step that you should carefully think about. In the past 10 years I have moved around from The Netherlands to Spain, to Russia, to Bosnia, to the Czech Republic and Ireland.

But with its low cost of living, rich history, beautiful landscapes in summer and winter, lovely food, and friendly people, Romania certainly makes a strong case!

Peles Castle
Peles Castle

There might be some struggles that come with your decision, though. Some people might find it hard to get used to the language barrier and some cultural differences at first.

Also, it’s important to think about your personal and professional goals in the context of the job market, the political climate, and the general quality of life.

To sum up, whether or not moving to Romania is a good idea depends a lot on your personal situation, expectations, and ability to adapt. But it’s definitely worth thinking about Romania (or Bucharest) as your next adventure!

How is it for a foreigner to live in Romania?

Most people from other countries who choose to live in Romania say that it is a rich and rewarding experience.

Expats often talk about how friendly Romanians are, as well as the country’s lively culture, architecture, interesting history, and low cost of living.

Palace of Parliament
Palace of Parliament

But there may be things to think you, especially in the beginning as you get used to your new home.

These can include not being able to speak the language or getting used to a different pace of life, which is especially true for people moving from the West, where life moves much faster and, for some people, with a different mentality.

It’s best to go into your new adventure with an open mind and be ready to adjust to a new way of life.

Is it necessary to learn Romanian if you are planning on living in Romania?

To be honest, even though you can get by in Bucharest and other big cities in Romania with English, learning Romanian will make your time there so much better and a lot easier at the same time.

Learning the local language will not only make daily life easier, but it will also help you understand the culture and locals better.

Still, it’s not super important, especially in Bucharest and other big cities where English is spoken by a lot of people, especially young people.

But if you’re really planning to stay for a longer time, spending some time learning Romanian could seriously be worth it!

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    The Wrap-Up: Cost of Living Bucharest

    Bucharest is a great place to live for a fair price if you want a mix of old-world charm and modern city life.

    As with any big move, it’s important to think about stuff besides the money, like how well your lifestyle fits, how different the language and culture are, and what personal and professional chances there are.

    Like moving to any other city, moving to Bucharest should be a well-thought-out choice that takes into account the realities and challenges of living in a new country.

    Bucharest could be the exciting new home you’ve been looking for if you’re ready to learn a new language, live at a different pace, and learn about a new culture.

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    Your restless voyager,


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