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Is Romania a Safe Country? The Ultimate Mini-Guide (2024)!

Are you interested in Romania and want to know is Romania a safe country?

Romania is situated the middle of Eastern Europe. The cool part? The country is full of myths and legends, like the stories of Dracula and its beautiful ancient towns. But beyond these cultural marks, there is a very important question: Is Romania a safe country to live in or to visit?

With this detailed guide I’ll try to give you a full answer by removing the many false ideas and common perceptions about safety in Romania.

I will tell you more about different safety issues, such as walking the streets at night, the quality of the water to drink, how friendly the people are, and where to be careful in big towns like Bucharest.

Let’s dive in!

Is Romania a Safe Country?

Yes, Romania is generally considered to be a safe place to live and to visit, especially when it comes to major crimes. You will usually feel safe when you walk through the streets of its towns or cute villages.

You can feel safe in this country because it has a reputation for having low rates of violent crime. The police in Romania are quick and careful, which makes people feel safer generally.

Many places in Romania are safe at night because the streets are well lit and the towns are busy. The strong neighborhood ties in Romania also make people feel safer because they often look out for each other.

Piata Romana in Bucharest
Piata Romana in Bucharest

This makes everyone responsible for safety, which makes the country more appealing to people who want to come or live somewhere safe.

Romania during winter time can be dangerous when you travel by car. It’s a good attention to pay attention to the (slippery or icy) road conditions before driving. But besides this, Romania in winter is a great destination!

Is Romania one of the safest countries?

Romania is often ranked as a relatively safe country when looking at global safety rankings. This is especially true when compared to other Eastern European countries. This sense of safety is caused by a number of things, including:

  • Low Rates of Violent Crime: Compared to other countries, Romania has a much lower rate of violent crimes. Part of the reason for this is strong community ideals and good law enforcement.
  • Efficient Policing: In general, Romanian police are praised for how quickly and effectively they do their jobs, especially in cities. I experienced this myself.
  • Social Cohesion: In many places in Romania, people have a strong sense of community, and they look out for each other, which makes the area quite a lot safer.

Romania is considered to be one of the more safest countries in Europe!

What is the safest place in Romania?

Brasov is often one of the safest towns in Romania. Brasov, which is in the middle of Transylvania, is known for being safe and having an ancient feel.

Brasov in is Romania a safe country

The Carpathian Mountains are also close by, which makes it a great place for tourists like us. But when it comes to safety, several things play a role:

  • Crime Rates: When it comes to major crimes, Brasov has some of the lowest crime rates in the country.
  • Effective Local Policing: Just like in the rest of Romania, the Brasov police are easy to see and take action, which makes people feel a lot safer.
  • Community Involvement: People in Brasov tend to be very active in their community, which makes it safer by making people watch out for each other.

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The White Tower is also 10 minutes on foot. Avatar Paradise is 4,2 kilometers away, and Braşov Adventure Park is 7 kilometers away. It only takes 7 minutes to walk to Council Square, and the city center is only 180 meters away.

Is Romania safe at night?

In Romania, safety at night can change from place to place. I can reassure you that the country is mostly safe at night, but there are some places where it’s not, especially in cities or remote areas. Some important things that make Romania safer at night are:

  • Streets that are well lit: Romanian cities and towns, especially those that cater to tourists, have streets that are well lit, which keeps criminals away and makes people feel better.
  • Active Nightlife: Places with a lively nightlife tend to have more people around, which can make you feel safer.
  • Awareness: A lot of people are aware of how to stay safe at night, and there are programs to teach both locals and visitors how to do this.

Is it safe to walk alone at night in Romania?

In Romania, it’s usually safe to walk alone at night, especially in busy, well-lit places. Still, it’s best to be careful, especially in places you don’t know well.

It’s always a good idea to stay on major streets and not take shortcuts through dark or isolated areas. You should also always be aware of your surroundings and don’t fall for any scams of engage with shady or dodgy types on the streets.

What is the most common crime in Romania?

There are a few common crimes in Romania to take into account. Chances that you become a victim of these are small, but it’s always good to be alert and to be aware of your surroundings. I personally never experienced anything bad here is general list:

  • Pickpocketing and small thefts: This happens a lot in tourist places and on public transportation. Thieves often work together to keep their victims from noticing them. These guys are trained professionals.
  • Credit Card Fraud and ATM Fraud: You should be careful using ATMs due to scams and giving out credit card details.
  • Tourist Scams: Taxis, restaurants, and trick games on the street are all common examples of scams that target tourists.
  • Theft of parked cars: This doesn’t happen often, but thieves have broken into parked cars, especially in touristy places.
  • Cybercrime: As digital technology has grown, so has cybercrime. For example, online scams and hacking have become more common in Romania, as they have in many other countries.

Again, just keep your eyes and ears open when travelling through Romania and you’ll be more than fine!

How safe is Romania to live?

Romania is a great place to live because it has a lot of history, culture, and safety. The country has a good standard of living, low costs of living, and a healthcare system that is getting better.

Most cities are safe, but some rural areas may not have the latest amenities and facilities, which could make people feel less safe.

Can you drink the water in Romania?

In most cities in Romania, the water from the tap is safe to drink. In rural places, however, the water quality isn’t always stable, so it’s best to drink water that has been bottled or filtered.

The government has worked to improve water facilities, but it’s always a good idea to ask around.

What is illegal in Romania?

The rules in Romania are in line with European norms. Some specific things that are against the law in the country are:

  • Use of Drugs and Trafficking: It is against the law in Romania to use drugs or sell them.
  • Drunk Driving: It is against the law and will get you in serious trouble if you drive while drunk. The legal limit for drivers’ blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.0, which means that you can’t have any alcohol in your blood at all while driving.

    You will be fined by the government if your BAC is found to be between 0 and 0.8 mg/L. The Romanian Criminal Code says that if the BAC level is higher than 0.8 mg/L, you could face criminal charges and jail time or a fine.
  • Illegal Trading and Street Vending: It is against the law to sell things without the right permits or licenses. But I’m pretty sure that this is not really what you come for to Romania as a tourist.

Just keep these things in mind so you don’t end up in places where you don’t want to be!

Is Romania tourist friendly?

Romania is becoming more and more tourist-friendly, and its infrastructure is growing to help them. There are many interesting things to see in the country, from the castles in Transylvania to the beaches on the Black Sea.

Peles Castle in is romania a safe country
Peles Castle

You are often welcomed very warmly and helped by the locals, and there are many tools available to help you get around the country.

Are Romanians friendly?

People from Romania are known for being friendly and welcoming, especially to guests. In small towns and rural areas, where community ties are strong and people are proud to show off their culture and practices, this friendly attitude stands out more.

People in cities may seem more shy because of how busy life is, but they are generally friendly and willing to help, especially when you ask them. Language differences can be annoying at times, but a lot of Romanians speak English and are happy to help or talk.

This is especially true for younger people and people who live in tourist areas. Romanian society teaches them to be friendly and open, and they often share meals and stories with guests to make them feel welcome and valued.

What to avoid in Bucharest?

Even though Bucharest is a busy and exciting city, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Certain Areas: Some places, like Ferentari, are known to be less safe, especially at night.
  • Unlicensed Taxis: Only licensed, well-known taxi services should be used. You can use Talixo for ordering a taxi (or you can just use Uber of course).
  • Crowdy places: Pickpockets like to hang out in public places with a lot of people, especially tourists.

But Bucharest is a great city to visit. If you’re looking a nice tour, I can recommend to do the Hidden Gems of Bucharest Tour.

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On this 3-hour city walk, you’ll find hidden parts of Bucharest that not even most locals know about. Explore some of the city’s most charming and little-known historic neighborhoods that aren’t on the beaten path.

Plus… You’ll learn how Romanian, Ottoman, and communist influences have changed the city’s look over time. You will also stop for some snacks and drinks in historic summer gardens and tea houses to see the calm side of the city.

Is Bucharest safe for girls?

As the capital, Bucharest is a safe place for women and girls in general. But it’s still a good idea to follow normal safety rules, like not going alone late at night in places you don’t know and being aware of your surroundings.

It’s also, in case you feel like it, a good idea to inform friends or family where you’re going at night (just in case).

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    The Wrap-Up: Is Romania a safe country?

    So to answer the question; Is Romania a safe country, I would say yes, it is! Romania has a lot of culture diversity, a lot of historical interest, and it is safe. Even though you should be careful in some areas and some crimes are more common than others, the area as a whole is safe and friendly.

    Along with its natural and cultural attractions, Romania shows itself as a safe place to visit or live for people who want to move there.

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    Your restless voyager,


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