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Beer in Bulgaria: Does Bulgaria have Good Beer?

Are you a fan of Bulgaria and wonder about the best beer in Bulgaria?

What comes to mind thinking of Bulgaria? When you think of this country, you might think of beautiful scenery, a long fascinating history, the charming capital city of Sofia or maybe even their famous yogurt. But what about beer in Bulgaria?

A question I hear a lot is whether or not Bulgaria has good beer. So, in this blog post, I’ll find out more about Bulgarian beers and its alcohol in general and recommend two great beer tours in the cities of Sofia and Plovdiv.

Let’s dive in!

Does Bulgaria have good beer?

Absolutely! Bulgaria does have a very good beer culture. Even though Bulgaria’s beer scene isn’t as big as some other countries’, it has always crafted good beers that both locals and tourists enjoy. In the past few years, the beer market has changed a lot.

There are now both standard large-scale breweries and new craft beer producers. This blend makes sure that the country has a wide range of tastes, from standard tastes that have been loved for decades to new brews that suit the tastes of today’s consumers.

Beer in Bulgaria - cheers in Sofia
Beer culture in Sofia

Bulgaria’s beer culture is growing, as shown by the growing number of breweries and beer festivals. This shows that the country is not just about its past and landscapes, but also about its rich, flavorful, and varied beers. Nice, right?

What is the most popular beer in Bulgaria?

Even though there are many beers on the market in Bulgaria, Kamenitza and Zagorka are usually the first names that come up when when it comes to popularity. These beers have been around for a long time, going back many decades.

Even though things have changed, they have stayed popular and relevant. For example, Bulgarians have been drinking Kamenitza beer since the late 1800s! This makes it one of the oldest beer names in the country.

Zagorka, on the other hand, has been popular since the early 20th century because of its unique flavour and high quality. Both beers are mostly lagers, and they both have a crisp, pleasant taste. Because they are sold all over the country, they are some of the most popular and well-known beers in Bulgaria.

This is because of their steady marketing and long history of trust. Their continued position on the market shows that Bulgarians still like traditional tastes even though the beer market is changing quickly.

Best beer tours in Sofia

I can write and tell you about Bulgarian beer, but what’s better than try their beer (with local) food yourself? Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, as well as the city of Plovdiv have some great beer tours!

The first one that I recommend is a 3-hour small-group food tour where you can see the highlights of Sofia and taste great Bulgarian food and beer. The walking tour in the afternoon is great for first-time tourists who love local cuisine.

Ayran, a salty yoghurt drink, banitsa, a white cheese cake, local salami, and baklava are some of the best local foods you can try. Learn about places like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Presidency, and Roman ruins while you eat and drink!

Book your Private Sofia Tour with Unique Local Food & Drinks Experience here!

The second one that I recommend is the History and Craft beer Small Group Tour in the city of Plovdiv. On this two-in-one, full-day tour, you’ll learn about Bulgaria’s past and try some of the best beers the country has to offer.

In the morning, you’ll leave Sofia and head to the old city of Plovdiv. When you get there, you’ll be guided around to see the Old Town, Roman-era ruins, and much more!

Book your History and Craft beer Small Group Tour in Plovdiv here!

These two tours in two different cities are perfect if you love to drink local beer in Bulgaria or if you just want learn more about it!

How to say beer in Bulgarian?

When it comes to the Bulgarian language, it has a unique blend of Slavic roots and influences from nearby areas. This really gives it its own personality. So, if you want to order a beer in Bulgaria, you need to say the word бира, which is spelled like bira.

It’s good to know that when you say bira in a busy part of Sofia or a quiet tavern in a small Bulgarian town, everyone will understand you right away.

Tap beer
Tap beer

It’s interesting to think about how, even though there are so many different languages and dialects in the world, many countries use the same sounds for this popular drink.

So, the next time you’re in a Bulgarian bar, remembering and saying bira will not only get you a cool drink, but you’ll also make the locals smile and nod their heads in approval.

How much is a pint of beer in Bulgaria?

When it comes to the price of a pint of beer, Bulgaria is a good choice for many Europeans. For a pint, you can expect to pay anywhere from €0.90 to €2.50 on average, based on the type of place and where it is.

Prices might be on the higher end of that range in the middle of bigger towns or at fancier venues. On the other hand, beer prices tend to be cheaper in local pubs and less touristy places!

Because of these low prices, Bulgaria is an attractive place to visit if you love your beer. Whether you want a local beer or your favourite beer from another country, the prices in Bulgaria are usually very nice for both locals and tourists.

How much is a pint of beer in Sunny Beach Bulgaria?

Prices can be a bit higher in Sunny Beach than in other parts of the country because it is a busy tourist spot. In Sunny Beach, a pint of beer could cost you anywhere from €1.50 to €3.00 on average.

As this is such a touristic spot in Bulgaria, expect some higher prices for food and drinks here.

Beer in Bulgaria: FAQs

The information below is related to alcohol in Bulgaria and will give you some more great insights!

National drink of Bulgaria

The national drink of Bulgaria? Easy! Rakia, a strong and loved fruit brandy, is the national drink of Bulgaria! Rakia is a very important part of Bulgarian culture and history. It has been a part of Bulgarian food and social life for hundreds of years.

Rakia is made by fermenting and boiling ripe fruits, like grapes and plums for example. It has a clear, strong flavour and is often drunk at meals or parties. It has more meaning than just being something to drink.

Rakia with flavors
Rakia with different flavors

For example, giving rakia to people is seen as a sign of warmth and welcome. Also, making rakia at home is a revered practise in many Bulgarian homes that has been passed down from generation to generation.

With its deep cultural roots and unique flavour, this drink is an unmistakable symbol of Bulgaria’s rich history.

Is alcohol cheap in Bulgaria?

Yes, alcohol is usually cheaper in Bulgaria than in many other countries in Western Europe. This accounts for both local drinks as well as inmported alcohol. Here are some examples:

  • Rakia: Rakia is the national drink of Bulgaria, and you can find it all over the country. Depending on the brand and age, you can buy a bottle of good Bulgarian rakia for between €5 and €15.
  • Beer: As I mentioned before, a pint of beer in a local bar or a place that isn’t popular with tourists can cost you anywhere from €0.90 to €2.50. In supermarkets, prices for well-known Bulgarian beer names like Kamenitza or Zagorka are often on the lower end of this range.
  • Wine: Bulgaria has a long history of making wine. A decent bottle of Bulgarian wine can be found in shops for as little as €3 to €5. There are some higher-end and older wines that cost more, but in general, wines are not too expensive.
  • Imported Alcohol: Even for imported spirits like whiskey, vodka, or rum, prices in Bulgaria are generally cheaper than in other countries. For example, a bottle of a famous whisky brand from around the world might cost you between €15 and €30, which is less than what it costs in some Western European countries.

Because of these prices, Bulgaria is a good place to go if you want to drink good drinks without spending a lot of money. But it’s always best to drink alcohol in a responsible way and know the local rules and customs about drinking to avoid any issues!

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    The Wrap-Up: Beer in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria may not be the first place you think of when you think of great beer, but it needs to be known, that’s for sure!

    Bulgaria is a great place to drink beer for both locals and yourself as a tourist, with a growing craft beer scene, classic favourites, and very affordable prices.

    No matter how often you drink or how much you like beer, Bulgaria has something for you. Cheers, or Наздраве (Nazdrave) as they say in Bulgarian!

    If you want to know more about Bulgaria, check out my other posts about the Rila Monastery, the national animal of Bulgaria or or the best castles in Bulgaria!

    Your restless voyager,


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