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Slovenia in Winter: Is it Worth Visiting?

Looking for a great trip to Slovenia but curios about experiencing Slovenia in winter?

To me, Slovenia is a lovely European country. In the summer, a lot of people like to visit this country because it has natural beauty, charming towns, and great places to see. But how about Slovenia in winter?

Well, the mountains are covered in snow, most of the towns have fun markets, and the lakes can freeze. Some people might wonder if it’s a good idea to go to Slovenia in the winter.

In this post, I’ll tell what you can do in Slovenia in the winter and give you some tips on how to enjoy your trip.

Let’s dive in!

Is Slovenia worth visiting in winter?

Yes, absolutely! Winter is a great time to visit Slovenia. The impressive mountains are covered with a thick coat of snow, and the lakes freeze solid. There are lots of bright lights and decorations in cities and small towns.

Everything looks very festive and cheerful because of these preparations. Even though it’s cold outside, the people of Slovenia make the place feel very warm. They are super friendly. If you’re looking for a nice chat, they always seem happy to do so.

slovenia in winter - Kranjska Gora
Kranjska Gora in winter

As you walk down the city streets, you can smell delicious food cooking in restaurants and cafes. You’ll also hear music in many places, which gives it a great vibe.

Most of the time, families and friends get together, and everyone feels like they belong to the same group. There is a lot to look at and take in wherever you go.

Overall, spending the winter in Slovenia makes you feel calm and happy because you are surrounded by nice people and beautiful places.

Best things to do in Slovenia in winter

Slovenia’s winter menu is full of different adventures and things to do. Here are six fun things to do when you visit Slovenia in the winter:

1. Skiing in Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is one of the top jewels of Slovenia’s winter season! This ski area is known for its great variety of slopes that are good for both new and experienced skiers. It’s located in the beautiful Alps.

In addition to the thrill of skiing, you get to see snow-covered peaks, which create a stunning background as you slide down the mountain. With its cozy bars and warm lodges, the town itself is a nice place to go after a great day on the slopes.

Cable cars in Krajska Gora
Cable cars in Krajska Gora

2. Skating on Lake Bled

When Lake Bled freezes, it becomes a beautiful place to skate. Gliding over the naturally frozen surface, with the impressive Bled Castle in the distance and snow-covered trees all around, is a beautiful experience.

The cold winter air and the laughter of families having fun on the ice make for a joyful winter atmosphere. No guarantees of a frozen lake during winter months, though.

Lake Bled in winter
Lake Bled in winter

3. Visiting Ljubljana

The capital city is a beautiful place to visit in the winter. As you walk down its cobblestone streets, you’ll see some great decoration with thousands of lights.

The city’s holiday market is a busy place where you can buy everything from hot mulled wine to unique souvenirs made by hand. Ljubljana is both lively and beautiful because of its mix of old-world charm and winter celebrations.

Christmas in Ljubljana
Christmas in Ljubljana

4. Exploring the Škocjan Caves

Going into the Škocjan Caves is like entering a beautiful underground world. With their tall stalactites and echoing rooms, these huge caves show how nature has changed over thousands of years.

During you trip, you are accompanied by the intriguing sound of underground rivers, which adds to the sense of excitement and wonder as you explore this underground wonder.

Skocjan Cave
Skocjan Cave

5. Hiking in Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park in the winter is a dream come true if you love nature. Here, going on a snow walk is a great thing to do. Normal sounds are muffled by the snow, making it quiet and very peaceful.

As you hike, you’ll see icy waterfalls, frozen lakes, and snow-covered hills that look like they belong in a fairy tale. Every turn brings a new view that would look good on a postcard!

Hiking in Triglav National Park
Hiking in Triglav National Park

All of these things come together to make a tapestry of events that show the beauty and variety of Slovenia in the winter.

What is Slovenia like in winter?

During the winter, it can be pretty cold and snowy in Slovenia. It gives the country a charming atmosphere. You can buy delicious food, gifts, and warm drinks at winter markets in many places. Since the days are getting shorter, it gets dark earlier.

Lake Bled can freeze when it’s very cold outside. Especially around Christmas, the cities and towns have lights and ornaments. People in Slovenia like to ski, ice skate, and pull sleds during the winter.

If you drive, you need to be careful because the roads can be icy. Overall, Slovenia is cold and snowy in the winter, and all the lights and winter events give it a special feel.

Driving in Slovenia in winter

Slovenia has beautiful scenery with alpine views, old towns, and calm lakes that are fun to explore by car. But because of the snow and ice, driving in Slovenia during the winter months takes some extra planning and care.

Here is a thorough guide to driving safely and having fun in the winter:

  • Tire Regulations: From November 15 to March 15, all cars in Slovenia must have winter tires with at least 3 mm of tread depth. When you rent a car, make sure the company gives you this.

    Snow chains might be better for some drivers than winter tires. Make sure you know how to put them on before you leave, and only use them when the road is covered with a lot of snow.
  • Road Conditions: Most of Slovenia’s major highways and roads are well-kept and get cleared of snow quite quickly. But smaller roads, especially those that lead to mountainous places, could be slippery or even blocked.

    Before you leave, I really recommend always checking road conditions online or on the radio.
  • Visibility: Winter can make it hard to get good visibility because there is less sunshine and there may be fog. Even when it’s daytime, you should always have your headlights on.

    Before you drive, make sure the windows, mirrors, and lights of your car are free of frost and snow.
  • Tips for Driving: When it’s snowing or icy, you should always slow down. When the road is wet, it usually takes longer to stop. Don’t speed up, slow down, or turn quickly. Moving the car smoothly and gently will help you keep control of it.

    Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you so you have time to respond.
Road in Zgornje Jezersko
Road in Zgornje Jezersko
  • Preparation and Emergency Kit: Keep a backup kit in your car at all times. This should include things like a first-aid kit, a torch, warm blankets, gloves, a shovel and some non-perishable food and water.

    Make sure the petrol tank in your car is full or at least half full. In cold weather, you don’t want to run out of power. Learn about your car’s features, such as how to clean the windows or use the 4×4 setting, if it has one.
  • Parking: When you park outside, keep in mind that snow can quickly build up. Make sure your car is not in a place where snow piles or avalanches are likely to happen, especially in mountainous areas.

    Use a windscreen cover or lift your windscreen wipers to keep them from sticking.
  • Local Help: If you don’t know how to drive in the winter, you might want to sign up for a short winter driving school. Some driving schools in the area offer these.

    Keep a charged phone with you at all times and save local emergency numbers, such as roadside help from ALD Road Assistance.

To sum up, driving in Slovenia in the winter can be a pleasant experience, with snow-covered scenery and peaceful winter scenes to look at. But it’s important to be well-prepared, careful, and knowledgeable to stay safe on your trip.

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Is December a good time to visit Slovenia?

In December, Slovenia puts on its holiday clothes. Cities like Ljubljana (can be a challenging pronunciation) and Maribor are lit up with tens of thousands of lights, and you’ll hear the sounds of holiday songs.

December is a great time to experience Slovenia’s winter magic because the streets are filled with markets and the smell of traditional foods fills the air.

Slovenia in winter: FAQs

The information below is related to visiting Slovenia during the winter months and will give you some more great insights!

Slovenia in winter temperature

During the winter, the temperature goes up and down between -2°C and 7°C (28°F and 45°F). The colder temperatures in the mountains will test you, but the coast is a warmer place to be in the winter.

But always have the weather app on hand, because the weather in Slovenia in the winter can be very uncertain.

Does it snow in Slovenia?

Yes, and how! The winter snow in Slovenia looks like a royal cloak. When the first snowflakes fall, they transform the mountainous areas and turn them into beautiful sights!

Bohinj in winter
Bohinj in winter

Even the city centres get a lot of snow, which covers everything from old buildings to modern streets with a thick white blanket.

What to wear in Slovenia in winter?

During the winter months, it can get pretty cold, especially if you go hiking or do other outdoor activities.

If you’re going to Slovenia in the winter, you should make sure to dress warmly. It’s smart to wear layers! Start with something close to your skin, like a warm shirt or wool pants. You can put a thicker jumper or a fleece jacket on top of that.

If it’s snowing or raining, the best outer layer is a jacket that keeps water out and keeps the wind out. When you walk around town, thick jeans or warm trousers are good for your legs.

But waterproof trousers might be better if you’re going to be outside for a long time or in the snow. It’s also important to have good shoes. For walking on icy roads, choose boots that are warm, waterproof, and have a good grip.

Also, don’t forget the extras! Hats, gloves, and scarves that keep you warm can make a big difference.

For example, if you want to see the frozen lake at Lake Bled, you’ll want to wear a warm hat and gloves. Or, a cosy scarf can keep you warm while you shop and look around in Ljubljana’s markets!

What is Christmas like in Slovenia?

Christmas is a big deal in Slovenia! People put lights and decorations in their homes to make them look nice. You’ll find a Christmas tree in most homes throughout Slovenia. On Christmas Eve, families have a special meal together.

Ljubljana during Christmas
Ljubljana during Christmas

They often eat things like sweet rolls called potica and fried fish. Children look forward to getting gifts, which some people say Baby Jesus brings.

The stores play Christmas music and you’ll hear it also on the streets. Churches have services to honour the day Jesus was born. You can really feel the joy and love of the holidays everywhere you go in Slovenia.

Many people also go to Midnight Mass which is a very popular thing for the locals but it’s also something you can enjoy as a visitor.

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    The Wrap-Up: Slovenia in Winter

    So, is it worth going to Slovenia during the winter months? Yes, it is! That’s the short and sweet answer. The people, the scenery, the festivities, and the food all shout a resounding yes!

    Slovenia in the winter is a great place to make some great memories, whether you’re looking for adventures on snowy hills or sipping a warm drink in one of its cozy cafes.

    If you’re short on time, check out my post about how to spend 3 days in Slovenia!

    If you’re hesitating between Slovenia or Croatia for a destination, check out my post about Slovenia vs. Croatia!

    Your restless voyager,


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