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Move to Albania, is it worth considering?

Are you considering or thinking of a move to Albania?

Just imagine living in a country with a rich culture and history, beautiful landscapes that haven’t been discovered on a big scale, and a modern but affordable standard of living. But how about a move to Albania? How does that sound?

A country that isn’t very well known but is actually at the center of many old cultures. This is what makes Albania so interesting. It is a secret gem on Europe’s Adriatic coast.

Albania is a place where you can meet friendly people, hear fascinating stories, and eat food that makes your mouth water.

In this blog post, I’ll take you on a journey about all the interesting things Albania has to offer and why it might be the place you want to live.

Let’s dive in!

Why would someone move to Albania?

A fresh start, opportunity, and adventure. These words come to my mind and say everything about why you might want to move to Albania. Albania is a quiet place to get away from the chaos of megacities.

Its natural beauty hasn’t become a victim of mass tourism. Even the most experienced explorer can’t resist the allure of unexplored hiking trails in the Albanian Alps, sun-kissed afternoons on the fascinating Riviera coastline, and the timeless charm of its rustic towns.

Ksamil along the Albanian Riveria
Ksamil along the Albanian Riveria

Albania is an exciting place to visit because of its strategic location in the middle of Europe, its warm Mediterranean climate, and its growing economic prospects.

The fact that the cost of living is way lower than in other European countries is the cherry on top, especially if you want to start a business or a new life.

Is it safe to move to Albania?

Yes, it is safe to move to Albania in general. Albania has made a lot of progress over the years to make sure that both its residents and tourists are safe.

International safety reports say that Albania has a low crime rate overall, especially compared to other countries in the area.

But, just like anywhere else in the world, you should always take simple safety measures. Here are some things to think about when thinking about moving to Albania:

  • Personal safety: Albania is not a very dangerous place, especially for outsiders. People in Albania are known for being friendly and helpful. They often go out of their way to help strangers.

    Still, small crimes like pickpocketing do happen, especially in places with a lot of tourists or on busy public transportation. As a general rule, you should be aware of what you have and where you are.
  • Emergency Services: Albania’s police, fire department, and medical services are usually quick to help in an emergency. There is also a free international emergency phone number in the country (112), which can be called in case of an emergency.
  • Political Stability: Albania is a safe democracy, and political violence is rare. But, as in any country, it’s best to stay away from big political gatherings or demonstrations.
  • Natural Disasters: Albania is in an area where earthquakes happen and has had them in the past. It’s a good idea to learn about how to stay safe in case of an earthquake.

It’s always a good idea to check travel advisories put out by the embassy or consulate of your home country. This will give you a balanced view of any possible problems or worries. Moving to Albania can be a safe and satisfying experience if you take the right steps.

What is the safest city in Albania?

Even though Tirana, the capital city, is safe, the city of Shkoder in the north is also a very good choice.

Shkoder is known for its peaceful lifestyle, beautiful buildings, and friendly people. It also has a low crime rate.

City of Shkoder
City of Shkoder

This, along with its lively culture and beautiful scenery, makes it a good choice for both expats and families.

What jobs are in demand in Albania?

Albania’s job market has a wide range of options, especially in fields like IT, tourism, and teaching English as a second language.

The economy is on the upswing, and areas like finance, marketing, and engineering are benefiting from this growth.

Also, there has been a clear rise in the tourist and hospitality industries, which has helped businesses do well in recent years.

How much money do you need to live in Albania?

Low cost of living is definitely one of the best things about living in Albania!

A single person could expect to spend between €500 and €700 per month on things like rent, food, travel, and fun.

Costs go up for children, but most people can live comfortably on €1000–€1500 a month.

I will go into more detail below in this blog!

What is the average salary in Albania in euro?

The average pay in Albania is between €400 and €600 per month.

Salaries can vary based on things like the area of work, the qualifications of the person, and the amount of experience you have.

Visiting or Move to Albania: FAQs

If you’re thinking of a move to Albania or just visiting this beautiful country, the information below will help you prepare!

Is Albania cheap or expensive?

When compared to countries in Western and Northern Europe, Albania is a much cheaper choice. Here’s a quick look at some common prices to help you figure out if it’s affordable:

  • Accommodation: For about €300 to €400 per month, you can rent a nice one-bedroom flat in the center of Tirana. But if you move a little bit away from the city center, the cost drops to around €200 per month.

    If you want to buy a house in the city center, the price per square meter is usually less than €1,000.
  • Groceries: Basic groceries like bread, milk, and eggs don’t cost much. About €0.30 gets you a piece of fresh white bread, €0.80 gets you a liter of milk, and €1.50 gets you a dozen eggs.

    About €4 can buy you a kilogram of local cheese, and about €5 can buy a kilogram of chicken meat.
  • Eating Out: It’s also very cheap to eat out. A meal at a cheap restaurant would cost about €5, while a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant would cost about €20.
  • Transportation: A one-way ticket on public transportation costs about €0.40, and a monthly pass costs about €15. If you want to buy a car, you should know that a liter of gas costs about €1.20.
  • Utilities: A normal apartment’s basic utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, trash) cost about €70 per month.
  • Internet and cell phones: A month of unlimited high-speed internet costs about €15, while a minute of a cell phone call usually costs €0.10.

Just remember that prices can change based on things like where you live and how you like to live. But even in places where things are more expensive, the cost of living in Albania is still lower than in many other European countries.

Can I buy property in Albania?

Yes, you can! Albania not only lets people from other countries buy land, but also makes sure the process is easy. Due to prices that are much cheaper than the average in Europe, the real estate market in Albania is a good place to look.

Whether you want an apartment in the middle of Tirana or a small house with a view of the beautiful Albanian Riviera, the country has a lot to offer people who want to buy property.

What language is spoken in Albania?

Albanian is the legal and official language but the country has a lot of different languages. But don’t worry if you don’t speak Albanian very well.

English is widely spoken, especially among younger people and in the biggest cities.

Because of its history and location, Albania also has a lot of people who speak Italian and Greek.

What is the quality of life in Albania?

Over the past few years, Albania’s quality of life has improved in a big way. Albania has a lot to offer, from a nice climate near the Mediterranean to a culture with a lot of history to a handy location.

Even though some parts of the country, like healthcare and infrastructure, may not be up to the standards of other European countries yet, the country’s safety, cost, and natural beauty really make up for it.

Is Albania welcoming to tourists?

Albania doesn’t just let guests in; it welcomes them with open arms! The people who live there are known for their warm hospitality, and they are always happy to help tourists feel at home.

Albanian Alps in move to Albania
Albanian Alps

Albania is quickly becoming a popular place for people from all over the world to visit. It has a unique mix of beautiful beaches, towering mountain landscapes, historical sites, and a lively nightlife.

What should I be careful of in Albania?

Even though Albania is a safe and friendly country, there are a few things to keep in mind to make your stay or move as easy and enjoyable as possible.

  • Local customs: Albanians are known for being friendly, but it’s still important to follow their customs and traditions. For example, people usually expect people to dress modestly, especially in holy places and rural areas.

    Try to learn a few Albanian words. Even simple greetings can go a long way towards making friends.
  • Pickpocketing and small theft: Pickpocketing can happen in busy public places, especially in big cities and tourist hotspots. This is the case in many places around the world where tourists go.

    Keep an eye on your things and pay attention to your surroundings at all times.
  • Healthcare: Even though Albania’s health care is getting better all the time, it is still not up to Western standards, especially outside of the major cities. It’s a good idea to get trip insurance that covers everything, including medical costs.

    Also, make sure you can get the medicines you need, since some specialized medicines might not be easy to find.
  • Tap Water: Most tap water in Albania is safe to drink, but it’s best to drink water from a bottle in rural places or if you have a sensitive stomach.
  • Wild Animals: If you want to explore the beautiful farmland of Albania, you should know that you might run into stray dogs or even more exotic animals like bears and wolves, though this doesn’t happen very often.

    Respect wild animals, keep a safe distance, and don’t feed them or try to talk to them.

Just keep in mind that most trips to Albania are trouble-free, so don’t let the risks stop you from enjoying the beauty and culture of this country. To stay safe and have a good time in Albania, you need to know and understand what’s going on.

What are Albanians known for?

Albanians are proud of their warm hospitality and how much they value their elders. They are also known for having a strong will.

Their culture and history is very rich and varied. Traditional folk dances, music, and delicious food such as olives are all important parts of this. And let’s not forget that Mother Teresa, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, was born in Albania.

Variety of Albanian olives in move to Albania
Variety of Albanian olives

Her life and work have come to represent the kind, selfless spirit that Albanians are known for all over the world.

The Wrap-Up: Move to Albania?

Moving to Albania is a big decision that needs to be thought through carefully. It’s not enough to know the local job market or adjust to the cost of living and cultural norms.

But the country’s beautiful scenery, long past, and friendly people make it clear that the trip will be an exciting adventure. In fact, anyone who wants a new point of view in a lovely, changing part of Europe should think about moving to Albania.

From the peaks of the Albanian Alps to the clear, blue waters of the Adriatic, moving to Albania could be the beginning of a trip that is both physically and mentally rewarding.

Are you also wondering how it is to drive in this amazing country? Check out my post about driving in Albania! And are you then wondering what to eat in the morning, check out my post about the best breakfast options in Albania!

Your restless voyager,


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