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Ksamil, Albania: A Beautiful Beach Destination – Your Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for a great beach destination in the Balkans?! Ksamil in Albania is a hidden gem nestled along the Albanian Riviera with pristine white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

I’ll reveal why this charming coastal village should top your travel bucket list. Let’s uncover the unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty that awaits you in Ksamil, the Mediterranean’s ultimate beach getaway.

So grab your sunglasses, and let’s explore this captivating paradise.

How do you get to Ksamil Island?

There are a couple of ways to go to Ksamil Island, and each one offers a different experience.

By car:

If you’re arriving by car from somewhere other than Albania, you can use the border crossings in Montenegro, Greece, or North Macedonia. After you arrive in Albania, take the SH8 coastline route to go to Ksamil.

You’ll have some beautiful views of the coastline and the chance to stop at numerous charming towns and villages along the way. This journey takes you along the magnificent Albanian Riviera.

By bus:

Ksamil is easily accessible by bus from Saranda and other significant Albanian cities. It takes you about 30 minutes to get there from Saranda. Traveling by bus is a cost-effective choice that enables you to relax and enjoy the country’s beautiful scenery.

I would, however, recommend checking the bus schedules in advance because they can change quite often.

Via ferry:

A ferry service connects Saranda to Corfu (Greece) during the summer months. You can travel to Ksamil via bus or cab from Saranda. This choice is ideal for people who want to visit Ksamil and the Greek island of Corfu at the same time.

The ferry ride between the two locations is a relaxed way to travel and gives stunning views of the Ionian Sea.

Can you swim to Ksamil Islands?

Yes! You can swim to the Ksamil Islands if you feel like it. It’s a collection of four little islands off the coast of Ksamil. Because it is only 150 meters away from the mainland, the closest island is reachable if you’re a good or experienced swimmer (or if you just fancy a nice challenge).

The islands are perfect for swimming and snorkeling as they have isolated beaches, beautiful clear waters, and a diverse marine population.

There are also alternative ways to get to the islands if you can’t swim well (or if you don’t feel like it). To explore these beautiful islands, you can rent a paddle boat, a kayak, or go on a boat excursion.

You can fully enjoy the beauty of the Ksamil Islands without the difficulty of swimming to them as boat cruises often include pauses for swimming and snorkeling.

The clear waters of Ksamil Albania
The clear waters of Ksamil

Is Ksamil a party place?

Even while Ksamil isn’t really known as a party town, there are still a few nice clubs and restaurants where you can enjoy live music and drinks. In comparison to other seaside towns, Ksamil has a more laid-back and family-friendly vibe, making it the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a quiet holiday.

But if you’re searching for a little nightlife, there are a number of places where you can enjoy music, dancing, and a lively atmosphere.

Beach bars:

Ksamil has a number of beach bars with a lively scene, especially in the summertime. You can enjoy some cocktails while listening to live music and watching the sun set. For a leisurely evening with friends or fellow tourists, these beach bars are ideal.

Restaurants and bars:

Ksamil also has a wide selection of eateries and drinking establishments. Some good restaurants are Restaurant Korali (Albanian cuisine), Guvë (Mediterranean cuisine), and Çka Ka Qëllu (homemade Albanian food). Several of these places have dance floors, live music, and a dynamic atmosphere for a good night out.

Another way of entertainment for your evening can be found at some locations that also organize themed nights, such as karaoke or traditional Albanian music.

Nearby Saranda:

This town is only a 30-minute drive away if you’re seeking a larger party scene. With more clubs, pubs, and late-night locations to select from, Saranda boasts a more active nightlife. You can quickly leave Ksamil for a day trip or an evening out in Saranda, then come back.

Is Ksamil Albania worth visiting?

Absolutely! Ksamil is a must-see holiday destination. Why?

Well, Ksamil’s beaches are really amazing, with smooth white sand and turquoise waves. The beaches offer the best environment for a relaxing beach holiday because they are great for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing.

These little islands provide great opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. The Ksamil Islands are a haven if you consider yourself a nature lover, offering isolated beaches and a variety of marine life.

The historic city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site that dates back to the third century BC, is only a short drive from Ksamil. For me, a must-see attraction is the neighboring Blue Eye natural spring, which is known for its pure waters and verdant surroundings.

Butrint National Park
Butrint National Park

Ksamil has a very relaxed atmosphere than some other well-known beach communities. If you’re looking for a peaceful and gorgeous getaway, families, couples, and lone travelers will find it to be the perfect place.

How many days do you need in Ksamil?

If you want a complete experience of Ksamil’s stunning beaches, islands, and neighboring attractions, I advise staying there for 3 to 5 days.

You’ll have enough time for some beach relaxation. There are several beautiful beaches to pick from, so set aside some time to relax and enjoy the sunshine. You can pick between Ksamil Beach (the main beach), Pasqyra Beach, Monastery Beach, Pulebardha Beach, and Kodrra Beach (my secret tip).

Within this timeframe, you are really able to discover the Ksamil Islands. Visiting the Ksamil Islands is a must-do activity, whether you swim, paddle, or take a boat trip.

You can also visit Butrint and the Blue Eye, which are both close to Ksamil and provide wonderful insights into Albania’s past and natural beauty. You can pay a visit to the ancient ruins in Butrint.

I would also take the opportunity to try some traditional Albanian meals like seafood, grilled meats, and local cheeses, and immerse yourself in Ksamil’s warm and welcoming ambiance, to learn about the local cuisine and culture.

Some traditional Albanian dishes to try are Tavë Kosi (lamb and rice baked dish with a flavorful yogurt sauce), Fërgesë (dish that blends cottage cheese or crumbled feta cheese with sautéed peppers, tomatoes, and onions), and Byrek (savory pastry formed of layers of phyllo or yufka, a thin, flaky dough, and filled with various ingredients).

How safe is Ksamil?

Generally speaking, you can feel really comfortable visiting Ksamil. But as in any tourist location, small crimes like pickpocketing and bag snatching happen, but serious crimes are very rare. Always take caution just keep some things in mind.

For example, keep your possessions safe. Don’t leave your possessions unattended on the beach or in public areas. Instead, you can use a money belt or concealed bag to hold your valuables.

Stay away from poorly lit or abandoned regions at night. There are quite a lot of poorly lit places or roads at night in the Balkans. This also goes for driving at night in this region.

Try to observe your environment. Be on the lookout for dangers and be aware of them, such as pickpockets in busy places or on public transit.

Are beaches in Ksamil private?

Most of the beaches in Ksamil are open to the public, making them accessible to you and to everyone else. Yet, certain beachside inns and resorts may have private areas set aside for visitors.

Before settling in on a specific beach, it is always a good idea to find out if this is the case or not.

Just remember that you’re able to hire sunbeds and umbrellas even on public beaches. This might give some more comfort during your days at the beach. Some beach bars or restaurants offer free sunbeds if you buy some food or a drink. But on average, you’ll pay between 500 – 1000 Lek (€5 – €10) for two sunbeds and an umbrella per day.

Does Ksamil have sandy beaches?

Absolutely! Ksamil is known for its beautiful sandy beaches. Because it is fine and white, the sand is ideal for making some sandcastles and sunbathing. Swimming and snorkeling are both excellent in the calm, clear and shallow waters.In Ksamil, there are three really popular sandy beaches.

Ksamil Beach is greatly located and will give you a variety of amenities, including places to rent sunbeds, to eat, and to drink.

Ksamil Beach in Ksamil Albania
Ksamil Beach

The more isolated Pasqyra Beach is known for its calm vibe and crystal-clear waves.

And lastly Monastery Beach, which takes its name from a neighboring monastery. It has a beautiful beach with a very relaxed atmosphere.

Is Ksamil overcrowded?

Although Ksamil has become very popular in recent years, it’s still thought to be less crowded than some other well-known beach resorts in Europe. But you can expect busier beaches and eateries in the busiest summer months starting from July till August.

If you prefer less tourists around you, I would advise to visit Ksamil in the months outside summer to avoid large crowds. These months would be May, June, September, or October.

You’ll have a higher chance of discovering quieter beaches and more relaxed vibes during these months when the weather is still pretty nice.

What is the climate in Ksamil Islands?

The weather is pretty nice in Ksamil. The climate is Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and warm, rainy winters. Beach activities and water sports are ideal during the summer from June to August. The average temperature ranges from 25°C to 30°C.

With sporadic showers of rain, winter temperatures from December to February vary from 9°C to 14°C. This period might not be the best time for beach activities.

However, the winter months give you the opportunity to discover the region’s cultural and historical treasures without the summertime throngs.

Is it better to stay in Ksamil or Saranda?

Your preferences will play a large role here whether you choose Ksamil or Saranda. The two places are slightly different and depends on your type of holiday.

When it comes Ksamil with it’s lovely sandy beaches and simple access to the Ksamil Islands, this place is perfect if you’re looking for a more laid-back and calm vibe. Families, couples, and anyone looking for a peaceful getaway will be very happy in Ksamil.

Saranda, however, is a bigger city with a livelier nightlife, more places to eat, and more possibilities for lodging. Also, Saranda acts as a starting point for visits to other local sights like the Blue Eye and the historic city of Butrint.

I would say that Saranda might be a better option if you’re looking for a more lively atmosphere and a wider range of activities.

The coastal town of Saranda
The coastal town of Saranda

How to get to Ksamil from Tirana?

If you’re staying in the capital city of Albania and you’re looking for a nice road-trip, there are several ways to get from Tirana to Ksamil.

By car:

Depending on traffic, the trip from Tirana to Ksamil by car will take you between 4 and 5 hours. You can hire a car in Tirana and go along the stunning Albanian Riviera by following the SH4 and SH8 highways.

The drive is a great journey as you’ll have the possibility to stop at charming towns and villages along the way on this gorgeous route.

By bus:

A cost-effective and practical option if you’re on a tight budget is riding a bus from Tirana to Ksamil. Between Tirana and Saranda, there are regular bus routes, some of which make stops in Ksamil. The bus ride lasts for about 5 to 6 hours.

It’s best to check departure timings with the bus company because bus schedules change sometimes and aren’t always trustworthy.

In Albania, you’ll find both newer, air-conditioned buses and older, simpler types. Bus travel gives you the chance to relax, rest, and enjoy the great scenery along the way.

My bus trip close to Saranda
My bus trip close to Saranda

Via private transfer:

If you feel like it, you can consider planning a private transfer from Tirana to Ksamil if you’d prefer a more relaxing and practical travel experience. Bookings for this service can be made through travel companies, lodging facilities, or online resources.

Private transfers are more expensive than other options, but they guarantee you a door-to-door service. By doing this, there’s no need for you to figure out how to use public transportation or worry about driving in a strange area.

Who can enter Albania without visa?

Travelers from numerous nations can enter Albania without a visa for short stays, making it a popular tourism destination. Generally speaking, the visa exemption covers visits of up to 90 days throughout a 180-day period, though this can change depending on your nationality.

Using your national ID card or passport if you’re a citizen of the European Union (EU) and Schengen Area countries will allow you access to Albania without a visa.

Also, if you are a non-EU national from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and a few South American, Caribbean, and Asian countries, you can enter Albania without a visa by showing a valid passport upon arrival.

However, before planning your trip to Albania, it’s always a good idea to check the official Albanian government website for important and the most up-to-date information.

The Wrap-Up: Ksamil Albania: A Beautiful Beach Destination

Ksamil is a charming seaside town that provides the ideal balance of leisure, scenic beauty, and cultural activities.

This ultimate guide includes everything you need, whether you want to relax on sandy beaches, see the picturesque Ksamil Islands, or learn more about Albania’s fascinating history. So plan your amazing trip Ksamil today!

If you’re interested in moving to Albania, check out my blog here.

Are you also wondering how it is to drive in this amazing country? Check out my post about driving in Albania!

Your restless voyager,


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