Is Ljubljana safe to visit? A Comprehensive Mini-Guide!

Looking for a great city-break but wondering is Ljubljana safe to visit?

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a city that combines the old and the new in a beautiful way. It has a medieval heart, deep roots in history, beautiful Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings, and a modern, forward-thinking spirit.

Ljubljana is located between the snow-covered peaks of the Julian Alps and the warm Adriatic Sea. It is a gateway to many different settings and offers something for every kind of traveler. I personally love all the dragon ornaments throughout this city.

But despite all of its charm, the question ‘is Ljubljana safe to visit?’ is often the first thing on the mind of anyone planning a trip.

I’ll try to give a full answer to this question, covering many different parts of safety in Ljubljana and giving tips for you planning to visit.

How safe is Ljubljana for tourists?

Following the stats, Ljubljana is one of the safest places in all of Europe!

The crime rate in the city is very low, especially when it comes to serious crimes, which happen very rarely. Its police force has a strong influence and is known for being professional and easy to talk to.

This makes the city feel safer as a whole. Still, as in any big city, guests should always be aware of what’s going on around them.

Pickpocketing and other small crimes are more likely to happen in crowded places and on public transport, so it’s best to keep an eye on your belongings and hide anything important.

Is Ljubljana safe to walk at night?

Ljubljana is a city that comes to life at night, with streets that are both safe and beautiful because they are fully lit up.

People go to restaurants, bars, and the riverside, making the city center a lively social spot. There are high safety standards, and both locals and visitors are often out late at night.

Ljubljana at night
Ljubljana at night

Still, some parts of any place may be less safe than others. Late at night, it would be smart to stay in well-lit, busy places and avoid quiet, poorly lit alleys or parks.

Is Ljubljana safe for solo female travelers?

Ljubljana is usually a safe place for women to travel alone. Most of the Slovenians are polite, respectful, and ready to help you if you need directions or suggestions.

Even so, you should still take the standard precautions, especially if you are traveling alone.

Just try to stay in busy places, be careful when certain people approach you, and tell someone where you are and what you plan to do, especially if you are going out alone at night.

In case you come into an unsafe situation, you can call the 112 emergency number for help.

Are taxis safe in Ljubljana?

Taxis in Ljubljana are usually safe and make getting around the city easy. Most cab drivers are professionals who follow the rules of the city, such as using a metre and giving customers receipts.

Always use licensed cabs, which are easy to spot and can be found at taxi stands or booked over the phone or with an app.

Unlicensed cabs might not be as safe and might overcharge you, so it’s always best to go with a trusted company.

Is tap water safe in Ljubljana?

The water that comes out of the taps in Ljubljana is not only safe, but also very good. It comes from clean sources in the Alpine areas.

The Julian Alps
The Julian Alps

It goes through a lot of quality control tests to make sure that it is safe. People in the area like it better than bottled water and are proud to say it’s one of the best in Europe.

So, fill up your water bottles right from the tap and enjoy the pure, fresh taste of Ljubljana’s water without adding to the amount of plastic waste.

Can you drink alcohol in public in Ljubljana?

Local wines and beers are part of the culture in Ljubljana, but it is officially against the law to drink in public.

But this rule isn’t always followed, especially at public events and festivals or in places like parks and picnic areas where it’s meant to be.

Picnic spot in Ljubljana
Picnic spot in Ljubljana

It’s always best to drink in moderation and pay attention to local rules and practices to stay out of trouble.

What are common scams in Ljubljana?

Even though Ljubljana is a very safe city with few scams aimed at tourists, it’s always a good idea to know what could go wrong. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Overcharging in Restaurants and Bars
    Tourists sometimes have trouble with restaurants or bars that charge them too much, usually by adding things that they didn’t order. Before you pay, you should always check your bill carefully and ask about any problems.
  • Taxi Scams
    As in many places, some shady taxi drivers may try to overcharge tourists, especially those who don’t know the city well. Use a reputable taxi service, demand that the driver use the meter, or agree on a price before the trip begins.
  • Street Performers and ‘Free’ Things
    In areas where there are a lot of tourists, you may see street performers or people giving ‘free’ trinkets, wristbands, or even help with your bags.

    Once the service is done or you have the item, they will demand payment, and it will often be a lot more than you expected. Before taking a service or gift, politely say no or make sure you agree on a price.
  • Charity Scams or Fake Petitions
    People who come up to you with a petition to sign or a gift request for a cause that seems good should also be avoided. Most of the time, these are meant to confuse you while someone else tries to steal from you.

    It could also be a trick to get ‘donations’ that don’t go to a real organization. It’s best not to get involved with these people.
  • Ticket Scams
    Be wary of people selling tickets for tourist sites, concerts, or events on the street. There is a chance that these tickets are fake or too expensive. To avoid falling for this scam, you should only buy tickets from official sources or known sellers.

Even though these scams don’t happen often in Ljubljana, if you know about them and watch out for them, you can make sure your trip to this beautiful city goes smoothly. Remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Visiting Ljubljana: FAQs

If you got excited and feel liking visiting Ljubljana, the information below might help you prepare!

How many days in Ljubljana is enough?

Even though Ljubljana isn’t very big, there are many things to do there that are worth your time.

It’s best to stay for three to four days to see everything the city has to offer, like Ljubljana Castle, Tivoli Park, Dragon Bridge, and the Central Market.

Ljubljana Castle ground
Ljubljana Castle ground

But if you want to visit nearby places like Lake Bled, Postojna Cave, or the beautiful coastal town of Piran for the day, you might want to stay a few more days.

Is English widely spoken in Ljubljana?

English is spoken by many people in Ljubljana, especially the younger people. This makes it easy for English-speaking tourists to get around and communicate.

English is used as a second language in many public services, and English signs can be seen all over the city.

You can usually find someone who knows English when you go shopping, eat out, or ask for directions.

How safe is Slovenia for tourists?

Slovenia is known for being one of the safest countries in the world, and this goes far beyond Ljubljana!

The country as a whole has a low crime rate, and the people are known for being friendly and helpful to guests.

The country’s scenery, from the beautiful coast to the peaceful Alpine regions, are not only beautiful, but they are also safe and open to travellers.

Beautiful Slovenian nature
Beautiful Slovenian nature

Slovenia has beautiful sights and a safe place to visit, whether you’re walking through the charming cobblestone streets of its towns, enjoying the busy city life of Ljubljana, hiking through the Julian Alps, or basking in the sun on the coast. Let’s dive in!

  • Crime Rate
    Violence acts are rare in Slovenia. Pickpocketing and purse snatching can happen, especially in tourist areas or places with a lot of people.

    However, these crimes are not common and happen much less often than in many other European countries.
  • Safety and Police
    The cops in Slovenia are well-trained, professional, and easy to talk to. They have a strong presence all over the country, which makes people feel safer generally.

    During the summer, there are also police teams that are trained to help tourists and can speak more than one language.
  • Outdoor Activities
    Many people come to Slovenia to enjoy its beautiful nature, which is a safe place to go climbing, skiing, biking, or just looking around.

    The country’s well-kept trails and ski resorts, as well as its clear safety rules, make sure that tourists can have safe adventures. But, just like with any outdoor activity, you should take the right safety measures.

    Check the news, tell someone where you’re going, and make sure you have the right gear.
  • Health Safety
    The Slovenian health care system is of a high quality. Hospitals are well-equipped, and the doctors and nurses who work there are trained and very skilled.

    There are good emergency medical services, and shops are easy to find and well-stocked.
  • Road Safety
    The roads in Slovenia are well-kept and have clear signs, so it’s safe to take road trips or drive between cities and towns. Slovenia has a low rate of car crashes because people follow the rules of the road.

    But because of snow and ice, you should be careful when driving in the winter, especially in hilly areas. Check out these tips for a road-trip.

It’s important to always remember that there are risks everywhere. Take the usual steps when you travel, like taking care of your belongings, being aware of your surroundings, and having emergency numbers on hand.

But don’t worry, Slovenia is a safe and welcoming place for tourists, because of its beautiful scenery, rich culture, and nice people.

Whether you’re traveling alone, with your family, or with a group of friends, Slovenia will give you a pleasant and safe trip.

The Wrap-Up: Is Ljubljana safe to visit?

Taking everything into account, it’s clear that Ljubljana is not only a beautiful city but also a very safe place for tourists to visit.

With the city’s strong safety measures and the usual steps a smart traveler takes, you can be sure to have a safe and comfortable stay.

Ljubljana is a great place to go on your next trip because it has a long history, delicious food, a lively cultural scene, and very friendly people.

Learn a few Slovenian words to make the trip more fun, but you can get by just fine with English. So, pack your bags and head to this Eastern European gem.

Only have a short amount of time? Check out my 3 days in Slovenia post! And if you want to know more about Ljubljana from a linguistic point view, check out my post about the pronunciation of Ljubljana.

Have a safe and happy trip!

Your restless voyager,


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