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Slavia Prague vs Sparta Prague: The Ultimate Czech Football Derby!

A huge sports fan and looking for a great Czech football derby?

When it comes to football, the rivalry between Slavia Prague vs Sparta Prague in the Czech Republic is pretty famous.

This epic rivalry isn’t just about two teams fighting for supremacy on the pitch. It’s something bigger and represents the essence of Czech football.

It’s an event that grips sport-minded Czechs with an intensity that can’t be matched and stirs emotions that reach even far beyond Prague or even the Czech Republic. I know this from my own experience as I lived here.

There are some amazing football derbies in the Central & Eastern European region such as the Eternal Derby in Serbia, the Sarajevo Derby in Bosnia and the Croatian Football Derby.

But this Czech football derby is really a great experience if you’re a football fan and should definitely be on your bucket list!

Who is better Slavia or Sparta?

Asking Czech football fans who is better between Slavia Prague and Sparta Prague is like going into a lion’s den, because they are so passionate and emotional about it.

Both teams have a good case for being the best in the country based on how they have played over the years.

Slavia Prague, also known as the Red and Whites, has been playing very well in recent years. They have won the Czech First League title many times in a row and have been very consistent.

Slavia Prague
Slavia Prague

Sparta Prague, which is often called Iron Sparta, is just as strong. They have a long history of being the best at home, and no one doubts their ability to pull together and fight at the highest level.

Sparta Prague - Slavia Prague
Sparta Prague – Slavia Prague

What is the difference between Sparta and Slavia?

The competition between Slavia and Sparta is a long and complicated story that has a lot to do with the way people in Prague live and think.

Each club represents a different part of Prague’s culture, and these differences affect not only their fan bases but also their strategies, team culture, and behaviour on the game.

People often think of Slavia Prague as a team that plays a game with a lot of strategy and tactics. This is because Slavia Prague is usually the choice of intelligent middle-class people.

Sparta Prague, on the other hand, is known as the people’s club because they are loved by a wide range of people and are known for their direct, aggressive style of football, which shows the determination of their working-class fans.

Slavia Prague vs Sparta Prague H2H

When Slavia Prague and Sparta Prague play each other, it’s not just a football game; it’s a big moment in the Czech First League season.

These hotly contested games often change the balance of power in the league, and each one gets more attention than even the most exciting games in the league.

These matches are a feast for the senses because the stakes are really high, the rivalry is fierce, and both the players and the fans are really into it.

How to buy Slavia Prague vs Sparta Prague Tickets

Every football fan needs to be in the stands for the Slavia Prague vs Sparta Prague match (at least once in your life). Most of the time, you can buy tickets for these big games through the official club websites or at the stadium box offices.

You can buy your tickets at the official Sparta Prague website and the same goes for tickets on the official Slavia Prague website.

The prices are usually between €10 and €35 as it depends where you want to be seated in the stadium.

But because tickets are very popular and there aren’t many of them, it’s best to get them early. It’s also important to remember that each stadium has its own rules and laws, especially for away fans.

Knowing these rules is the best way to make sure your matchday goes smoothly and you have a good time. You can also check this information on the club’s websites.

Who has more trophies Slavia or Sparta?

Both teams have a lot to brag about when it comes to their collection of trophies. Sparta Prague is one of the oldest teams in the country.

Sparta Prague had won more league titles at home than any other team.

Before Czechoslovakia broke up in 1993, they had won the Czechoslovak First League (the top league) 21 times and the Czech First League (the league that took its place) 12 times. They also won the Czech Cup three times and the Czechoslovak Cup eight times.

On the other hand, Slavia Prague won both the Czechoslovak First League and the Czech First League 13 and 6 times. With 5 wins in the Czech Cup, it was more impressive how well they did.

Both clubs haven’t won a major European trophy in a continental tournament in recent years. But both teams have done quite well at different times in the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

When was Slavia Prague founded?

Slavia Prague is one of the oldest clubs in Europe. Their story began on November 2, 1892. Since then, the club has found its way through the complicated world of football, overcoming problems and regularly doing great things on the pitch.

Their continued success shows how tough they are, how well they can embrace change, and how much they want to be the best.

When was Sparta Prague founded?

On November 16, 1893, Slavia’s rival city team, Sparta Prague, was formed. Even though there have been ups and downs over the years, Sparta Prague has always been the best team in Czech football.

Sparta Prague club logo
Sparta Prague club logo

Their past is full of times when they were very successful, followed by hard times when they had to start over. This shows the club’s determination and commitment to its long-standing football tradition.

Where to stay in Prague for the night?

If you’re a football fan making a trip to Prague, you have a lot of places to stay.

Because of city’s structure and how many public transport options there are, you can stay in different parts of the city and still get to both the Sinobo Stadium, where Slavia Prague plays, and the Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena, where Sparta Prague plays.

  • Old Town (Staré Město)

This is the heart of Prague, with famous sights like the Astronomical Clock and the Charles Bridge. If you stay here, you’ll be close to the city’s old buildings and lively nightlife.

There are different kinds of hotels, from expensive to cheap, so you can find one that fits your needs. But because this is a busy place for tourists, prices can be higher than in other parts of the city. I recommend staying at the Georgeous Prague Rooms.

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  • New Town (Nové Město)

This area is close to Old Town and has a slightly more modern feel. There are a lot of shopping malls, restaurants, and bars here.

In this neighborhood is the famous Wenceslas Square. Here, you can also find places to stay that are more affordable. I recommend the EA Hotel New Town.

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  • Vinohrady

This area is very popular with expats and younger travelers because it has a lot of pubs, restaurants, and clubs, and its buildings are in the Art Nouveau style.

The neighborhood is less busy than the city center, but it still has a lot to offer. There are a lot of houses and small hotels in the area. I recommend Hotel Taurus.

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  • Žižkov

If you are on a tight trip budget, Žižkov could be a great choice for you. This hip neighbourhood is known for its hippie vibe, and it has more bars per person than anywhere else in Europe.

When you stay here, you’ll feel like a local and be away from the main tourist traps. It’s also easy to get to the city center by tram or bus. I recommend Hotel Golden City Garni.

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Slavia Prague Stadium Capacity

The home field of Slavia Prague, the Sinobo Stadium, is a marvel of modern sports building. It can hold 20,232 people, which makes it one of the biggest football stadiums in the Czech Republic.

Sinobo Stadium

During games, the stadium really comes to life. The passionate fans of Slavia create a buzzing vibe that makes every game an event you’ll remember.

Sparta Prague Stadium Capacity

In the same way, the Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena, which is also called the Letná Stadium and is where Sparta Prague plays, is a football icon.

Even though the stadium only holds 19,370 people, it has as much energy and excitement as any big football stadium.

The Generali Stadium
The Generali Stadium

Sparta fans are known for their passionate support, which makes the atmosphere at home games buzz with energy and excitement.

Slavia vs Sparta Fans

The fans of Slavia Prague and Sparta Prague are a big part of what makes the rivalry between these two teams so exciting.

The emotion, loyalty, and excitement they bring to each game make the games unforgettable shows that show what football is all about.

Slavia Prague Fans

The fans of Slavia Prague are known as Věrní, which means The Faithful because they are always there for their team. No matter how well the team does, they always stand with the Red and Whites.

The best time to see how dedicated they are to their club is when they play a derby against Sparta Prague. During these games, they create an exciting environment that often helps their team move forward.

Slavia Prague fans
Slavia Prague fans

Sektor 2 is a group of fans that plans things like making chants and creating tifos. Because of what they do, every game at the Sinobo Stadium is a high-energy event that reflects the fans’ passion and energy.

Sparta Prague Fans

Sparta Prague fans are often called Iron Sparta because they are so loyal and passionate about their team.

They have a lot of love for their team. When they play at home, especially against Slavia Prague, the Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena turns into a boiling pot of excitement.

Sparta fans are known for their creative songs and shows, which are led by groups like the Sparta Ultras. They often put on elaborate tifo banners and make use of flags, flares and other visual tools.

These displays are a show in and of themselves and make a beautiful background for the football action on the pitch.

Sparta Prague fans
Sparta Prague fans

Unique Things About Slavia and Sparta Fans

Fans of Slavia and Sparta don’t just hate each other because they root for different teams. It shows how the social, cultural, and historical differences between the two groups have made them who they are.

This rivalry really comes to life on derby days, when the tension and emotion show what the beautiful game is all about.

Even though the fans don’t really like each other, fans of both teams love football. Even though they might cheer for different teams, they all love the game, the city of Prague, and the ways in which football makes their lives better.

This strong friendship between Slavia Prague and Sparta Prague on a club level adds another layer to the story of Slavia Prague vs Sparta Prague, making it a great show for football fans all over the world.

The Wrap-Up: Slavia Prague vs Sparta Prague

The football game between Slavia Prague and Sparta Prague is more than just a game.

It is an event that shows the spirit, emotion, and long history of football in the Czech Republic. Both teams have left an indelible mark on Czech and European football, from their fierce rivalries in the past to their games on the field today.

Whether you like Slavia or Sparta, this fierce competition will always be interesting because it brings people together over their love of the beautiful game.

I would definitely recommend visiting this derby in Central Europe!

Your restless voyager,


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