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Montenegro in Winter: Is it worth visiting (2024)?

Do you love to visit Montenegro but are curious how it is to visit Montenegro in winter?

Do you agree that Montenegro is a jewel in the middle of the Balkans? During the summer, it is known for its sun-drenched coasts and difficult mountain hikes. But what about Montenegro in winter?

As the first frosts of winter replace the golden leaves of fall, a new, quieter, and just as beautiful Montenegro appears. This post talks about the magic of winter in Montenegro, a time of year that many travelers, unfortunately, tend to miss.

Let’s dive in!

Is Montenegro worth visiting in winter?

Of course! In the winter, Montenegro is a very different place from what it is in the summer. During the winter, the country shows a calm side that is often hidden by the busy tourist season in the summer.

When you go to Montenegro in the winter, the settings are quieter and less crowded, making it easier to get to know the country. Since there aren’t a lot of tourists, you can go to its beautiful spots and historic places at your own pace and take in the beauty and history without having to rush.

Even though it’s cooler along the coast, the weather stays warm, so it’s nice to walk along the beaches or through the old towns. Inland, especially in Durmitor National Park, the snowy landscapes are great for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

Durmitor National Park
Durmitor National Park

Montenegro also has a lot of rich cultural customs that come to life in the winter. There are a lot of local gatherings and events that show what the country’s history and customs are like.

Also, Montenegrin kindness feels even warmer in the winter, when restaurants serve traditional dishes that warm the heart and hotels offer cosy places to stay.

In the end, I ahev to admit that Montenegro’s summer beauty can’t be denied, but its winter beauty has a depth and quietness that makes it just as appealing if you want to try something different.

Things to do in Montenegro in winter

Winter in Montenegro isn’t just about getting warm by a fire, though that’s a nice thing to do. This season brings a variety of things to do and see that show how diverse the country is, from its snow-covered mountains to its quiet shore towns.

If you’re thinking about getting away this winter, here are five things to do in Montenegro:

  • Skiing in Durmitor National Park: Located in the northwest of Montenegro, Durmitor is a great place if you love winter sports. It has clean hills with different levels of difficulty, so both new and experienced skiers can enjoy them.

    Skiers can glide down the snow-covered slopes of the mountains while taking in the fresh alpine air and wide views of the landscapes around them.
  • Strolling through Old Town Kotor: When you walk through Old Town Kotor in the winter, the cobblestone streets, medieval buildings, and old monuments have a different kind of beauty.

    It’s a great time to explore the town’s nooks and crannies without a lot of people because the air is cool and the town is quiet. Don’t miss the peaceful views of the Bay of Kotor, especially in the early morning when a light mist hangs over the calm seas.
  • Birdwatching at Lake Skadar: In the winter, Lake Skadar, which is the largest lake in Southern Europe, becomes a haven for migrating birds.

    When there aren’t as many people around, it’s a great time to see rare birds like the Dalmatian pelican, cormorants, and different kinds of eagles. The peaceful setting of the lake and the sight of birds flying overhead make for a peaceful winter.
  • Visiting Ostrog Monastery: When you go to Ostrog Monastery, you’ll see how good Montenegrin architects are. The building is carved into a steep cliff.

    Even though it’s a place where people go to pray all year, it’s quiet and peaceful there in the winter. The snow-covered mountains that circle the monastery add to its spiritual atmosphere and make it a must-see if you want to reflect and relax.
  • Sampling Montenegrin Winter Cuisine: Montenegrin winter food is rich and filling, which makes it perfect for the cold season. At restaurants and bars in the area, you can get food that will warm you up.

    Try traditional meals like pasulj, a savory bean soup, sarma, cabbage rolls filled with meat and rice, and kacamak, a warm polenta dish that is often made with cheese and potatoes.

    It goes best with local wines or rakija, which is a traditional fruit brandy. This is the best way to learn about Montenegro’s food history!

So, Montenegro in the winter is a mix of outdoor adventures, culture immersions, and delicious food that will give every traveller a well-rounded experience!

Podgorica in winter

Yes, absolutely! In the summer, Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro, is a lively place, but in the winter, it has a different feel. During the winter, the city slows down and becomes calmer, which is a great time for tourists to really get a feel for its beauty.

As the weather gets colder, walking along the banks of the River Ribnica becomes a great place to have a nice stroll.

Montenegro in winter - Ribnica River
Ribnica River in Podgorica

Local cafes and restaurants change their menus to include warming Montenegrin comfort foods like sarma (rolled cabbage) and podvarak (roast meat with sauerkraut), giving both locals and tourists rich meals that are perfect for the season.

Also, the streets of Podgorica are less crowded, so you can take their time exploring the museums, parks, and historical places.

Even though Podgorica doesn’t have the snow-covered mountain regions of Montenegro, it does offer a real urban winter experience, filled with warm local hospitality and a bit of holiday spirit!

What is Kotor like in winter?

Kotor in the winter is very different from what it is in the summer. During the warmer months, this ancient coastal town is full of tourists. In the winter, though, it’s pretty quiet and peaceful.

You can walk around Kotor’s well-preserved mediaeval buildings, winding streets, and old city walls without getting too hot or cold. When there aren’t a lot of people around, you can really take in the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

With its calm seas, the Bay of Kotor is a peaceful place to look at, especially on clear winter days when the nearby mountains stand tall against the blue sky. With its cobblestone streets and squares, the Old Town is a peaceful place where you can take long walks, visit cute shops, and eat delicious local food in cosy cafes.

Winter in Kotor is a more personal and laid-back time when the town’s rich history and culture can be learned about and enjoyed in more depth.

Best winter tours

When you visit Montenegro in winter, there are some great tours that I would recommend to have a great exerience!

  • Durmitor National Park Tour: Besides skiing, the park’s Black Lake turns into a peaceful, icy wonderland that is great for winter photos.

Book your 1-Day Montenegro Hiking Tour to Durmitor National Park here!

  • Lake Skadar Birdwatching Tour: On a tour of Lake Skadar, you can see groups of migratory birds, like the rare Dalmatian pelicans, who come to the lake’s calm waters to rest during the winter.

Book your Noah’s Ark Skadar Lake Journey Tour here!

  • Cetinje and Lovćen National Park Tour: Cetinje, the old city, is beautiful when it is covered in snow. Lovćen, on the other hand, has wide, snowy views of the coast and the Bay of Kotor.

Book your History of Montenegro – Private Cetinje and Lovcen national park tour here!

These tours will give you a great impression of what Montenegro has to offer you!

Montenegro in winter: FAQs

The information below is related to Montenegro during the winter and will give you some more great insights on this topic!

What is the weather like in Montenegro in winter?

It’s good to know that different parts of Montenegro have different winter weather! The Mediterranean has a milder effect on the weather along the Adriatic coast, where places like Budva and Tivat are.

Here, the weather is usually nice during the day, with temperatures between 10°C and 15°C. However, the nights can be much cooler. The climate is more continental in the interior, in places like Žabljak and Kolasin.

Crno Jezero in winter
Crno Jezero in winter

Temperatures in these places are colder and often drop below freezing, especially at night. In the northern mountains, snow falls often, covering the land with a white blanket that makes for a beautiful scene.

This snow also makes it possible to do things like skiing and skating in the winter. So, the winter weather in Montenegro runs from mild on the coast to cold and snowy in the interior, making for a variety of climates across the country.

Does it snow in Montenegro?

Of course! While it snows occasionally along the coast, it snows often in places like Kolašin and Žabljak in the northern mountains. This creates deep snow layers that are great for winter sports.

How cold is Montenegro in December?

In December, coastal places like Bar have daytime highs between 10°C and 15°C. Places like Žabljak in the north, on the other hand, might have temperatures between -5°C and 5°C, especially at night.

What is Montenegro like at Christmas?

Christmas in Montenegro is a mix of custom, religion, and celebration. Due to its roots in Orthodox Christianity, the holiday is very important to many Montenegrins. The streets of towns and cities, especially Podgorica and Cetinje, are lit up with twinkling lights, making them look lively and inviting.

You’ll definitely hear church bells when wandering around. These bells signal the start of midnight services, which many people attend to celebrate the birth of Christ. Families often fly from far away to spend time together and eat traditional meals.

The foods on the Montenegrin Christmas table, like pasulj (bean soup) and pečenica (roast pork), show how warm and full the season is. People give each other gifts and sing happy songs, which bring out the spirit of togetherness and hope.

Through these traditions and gatherings, Montenegro at Christmas shows how deeply rooted the holiday season’s ideals of community, love, and celebration are.

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    The Wrap-Up: Montenegro in winter

    In the winter, Montenegro is a place where peaceful landscapes, rich customs, and a slower pace of life come together in a way that is hard to describe. It’s a rare chance to see this Balkan beauty in a different way!

    Winter in Montenegro is full of magic and wonder, from the quiet whispers of snow-covered woods to the warm glow of city lights reflecting on the Adriatic.

    Want to know more about this country, check out my other post about the Montenegrin language!

    Your restless voyager,


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