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Warsaw in a Day: How to get the most out of your stay?

Thinking of a city break and want to visit Warsaw in a day?

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is a beautiful city and a real gem of Eastern Europe! But the big question is, how can you best visit Warsaw in a day?

Stepping into this city is like taking a trip through time, because it combines the interesting history of the past with the fast-paced life of today.

Its buildings whisper about its past, which is full of important events and eras, while its streets are filled with modern culture.

Warszawa, as the people who live there call it, is a diverse, cosmopolitan city with a lively arts scene, a rich past, delicious food, and a captivating energy that will leave a lasting impression.

Warsaw in a Day Itinerary

Immersing yourself in Warsaw’s unique and cool mix of grandeur from the past and excitement from the present will give you a very exciting day!

So, where to begin?

You can start your day at Castle Square, where the Royal Castle is. This is a place with a lot of national significance. This beautiful building was once the home of Polish kings and queens. It is now a museum with a large collection of works of art and historical items.

Royal Castle
Royal Castle

The Old Town Market Square is only a few steps away. You’ll see a wide range of colorful buildings here in the baroque style, as well as busy cafes and quaint craft shops. In the winter, the square becomes a lively Christmas market with a warm, holiday glow.

Old Town Market Square
Old Town Market Square

If you follow the twisting cobblestone streets, you’ll end up on the Royal Route. This is a famous historic street that goes from the Royal Castle to Wilanów Palace. When you walk this road, you can see many palaces, churches, and green urban parks.

Wilanów Palace
Wilanów Palace

At the end of the walk, you’ll find the Wilanów Palace, a beautiful piece of Polish Baroque architecture. The palace is a reminder of Poland’s royal past. It is often called the Polish Versailles because it is surrounded by beautiful grounds.

What are the best Warsaw tours?

If you want to get more out of your time in Warsaw, you might want to take a guided walk. They give you a more organized way to see the sights and can give you a lot of information you might miss otherwise.

These are some of the best tours that I would recommend:

  • The Old Town Warsaw Walking Tour: During this trip, you can learn about the old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. An expert guide will show you around the charming cobblestone streets and tell you stories and history from the past few hundred years.

Click here to book your tour!

  • Warsaw Communist Tour: Take yourself back in time when Warsaw was a communist city. Learn about life behind the Iron Curtain as you visit well-known places like the Palace of Culture and Science.

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  • Warsaw Food Tour: This is great if you want to try the real taste of Poland’s rich food scene. Learn about Polish food culture while enjoying traditional meals like pierogi (dumplings) and bigos (hunter’s stew) and sipping on Polish vodka.

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Is 1 day enough in Warsaw?

Even though you can get a taste of Warsaw’s history, culture, and food in one day, you will need a bit more time to really get to know what the city has to offer.

Warsaw is a city with a lot of history, beautiful buildings, interesting museums, lively neighborhoods, and delicious food.

If you try to do all of these things in one day, you might feel like you don’t have enough time.

But it’s definitely worth it to visit the main attractions in a day in Warsaw!

Why is Warsaw worth visiting?

Warsaw is different from every other city. It shows how strong and brave people can be, like a phoenix that rose from the ashes of war to become the lively, busy city it is today.

Warsaw’s painful history of wars and uprisings has made it a city that not only remembers its past but also looks forward with hope and excitement.

The city’s diverse culture scene has something for everyone to enjoy. There is something for everyone, from top-notch museums and beautiful architecture to modern art galleries and lively music events.

Warsaw never sleeps in Warsaw in a day
Warsaw never sleeps

Add to this the city’s delicious food scene, where you can eat rich traditional meals or try out new, creative dishes, and you have a city that really pleases all of your senses.

Visiting Warsaw: FAQs

If you got excited and feel like visiting Warsaw, the information below will help you prepare your trip as best as possible!

Is Warsaw a cheap city?

Warsaw is an affordable city compared to other European towns. The cost of living and travelling here is usually less than in other places.

This includes food, accommodation, and things to do. Warsaw is a great place if you’re on a budget because it has cheap public transport, attractions that aren’t too expensive, and a wide range of food options, from fast food to fancy dining.

When making plans for a trip, it’s always helpful to know how much things really cost:

  • Transportation: A single-ride ticket that is good for 20 minutes costs 3.40 PLN, which is about €0.90. A one-day ticket that lets you move as much as you want for 24 hours costs 15 PLN, which is about €4.
  • Taxis: they cost about 8 PLN (about €2) for the first kilometer and about 2 PLN (about €0.50) per kilometer after that.
  • Eating out: A meal at a cheap restaurant might cost 20 to 30 PLN, which is about €5 to €8. A three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant might cost 120 to 150 PLN, which is about €32 to €40.
  • Coffee: A cappuccino in a café might cost 10 PLN, which is about €2.65.
  • Sites: museums and other sites charge different fees to get in. For example, a normal ticket to the Royal Castle costs 30 PLN, which is about €8, and admission to the Warsaw Uprising Museum costs 25 PLN, which is about €6.60.
  • Accommodation: A dormitory bed in a hotel can cost anywhere from €13 to €26 per night, or 50 to 100 PLN. In a mid-range hotel, a double room might cost you between 200 and 400 PLN (about €53 and €105) per night.
  • Souvenirs: a small souvenir made of amber might cost around 50 PLN (about €13). This is one of the most popular Polish souvenirs that you can take home.

The Best options for shopping in Warsaw

Warsaw is a great place if you like shopping. There are both trendy stores in the Mokotów neighborhood and cute souvenir shops in the Old Town.

Don’t miss your chance to buy traditional Polish crafts or amber jewelry, which is called the so-called gold of Poland.

Polish amber
Polish Amber

For high-end shopping, you should go to Złote Tarasy, a new shopping center with several levels close to Warsaw Central Station. Here, you can find both foreign and local brands, as well as a wide range of restaurants and places to have fun.

Is Warsaw a walkable city?

Yes, it is! Warsaw is a great place for walking. Many of its best sights are close enough to walk to each other, especially in places like the Old Town.

Warsaw also cares about keeping green areas, so there are many parks and gardens where you can take a stroll. This is actually very nice.

Warsaw Park in Warsaw in a day
Warsaw Park

The city center of Warsaw is small and easy to get around, and the public transport system works really well.

What is Warsaw most famous street?

Nowy Świat, which means New World, is one of the most well-known streets in Warsaw.

This lively boulevard, which is part of the ancient Royal Route, is full of cafés, restaurants, shops, and boutiques.

Nowy Świat
Nowy Świat

Day or night, Nowy Świat is busy with people and shows how lively Warsaw is.

Where to avoid in Warsaw?

Like any big city, there are parts of Warsaw that aren’t so good for tourists or for you to visit. The district of Praga is on the east bank of the Vistula river is a good example.

It can be a little rough around the edges, so if you don’t know the area well, it’s best to avoid it after dark.

During the day, however, Praga offers a more off-the-beaten-path experience, with sights like the light museum and the oldest market in the city, the Bazar Różyckiego.

What time of year is best to go to Warsaw?

Warsaw is a place where each season has its own beauty. Late spring, between May and June, is a great time to visit because the city is full of color and the weather is nice.

Autumn is another good time to visit, when the city is a beautiful mix of fiery colours.

During the winter, temperatures in Warsaw often drop below zero, but the city has a lively feel, especially around the holidays.

The summer is often full of tourists, but there are many outdoor events and fairs that make sure there is always something fun going on in the city.

Even though the weather is a big factor, your personal hobbies may also play a role. History fans might enjoy the Independence Day celebrations in November, while music fans would love the Chopin concerts at the Royal Lazienki Park in the summer.

How far is Warsaw Airport from city center?

Warsaw Chopin Airport, which is the city’s main international airport, is close to the city center.

Depending on traffic, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes by taxi or rideshare to get to the city center.

There are also buses and trains for public travel in the city. These services are not only cheap, but they are also quick, with most trips taking between 25 and 40 minutes.

The Wrap-Up: Warsaw in a Day

Even though one day might not be enough to see everything Warsaw has to offer, it’s more than enough to make a mark.

You can spend a good day walking along the Royal Route, visiting the historic Old Town, eating traditional Polish food, or just taking in the city’s strong spirit.

If you are in Central Europe and have a day to spare, don’t miss the chance to go to Warsaw. Immerse yourself in its rich past, lively culture, and friendly people.

You might promise to come back to this amazing city to see more of what it has to offer.

Warsaw isn’t just a place to see; it’s also a place to feel, experience, and, most importantly, enjoy the vibe!

If you’re hesitating between Krakow and Warsaw, check out my comparison blog.

Your restless voyager,


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