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What is Serbia Known For: The 21 Best Things!

Do you also love Serbia and are you curious, what is Serbia known for?

Serbia is a fascinating landlocked country in the Balkans with a lot of history, culture, and beautiful natural areas. But what is Serbia known for?

When you hear about Serbia, you may have some ideas about it already, but this country has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye.

Let’s dive in and find out what the 21 best things about Serbia are!

What is Serbia known for: the 21 best things

Serbia is known for many great things but here are the best 21 things that you might not yet heard of or are famous around the world:

1. Belgrade

Belgrade, which is the capital of Serbia, is a busy, vibrant city. Its old buildings, busy street markets, and hip bars all come together to make a city that blends the past and the present with ease.

The fortress of Kalemegdan has great views of where the rivers Sava and Danube meet. It also stands as a quiet reminder of the city’s troubled past.

What is Serbia known for - Kalemegdan Fortress
Kalemegdan Fortress

2. Rivers and Lakes

Serbia is full of rivers and lakes that all connect to each other. One of the most important rivers in Europe, the Danube, flows through the country.

Along the banks of the Drina and Sava rivers, there are beautiful places to take a boat ride or go fishing. Lakes like Silver Lake and Lake Palic are peaceful places to relax and do all kinds of fun activities on the water!

3. Tara Mountain

This is where nature really shows off. Tara Mountain is a lush, green paradise where you can hike, camp and enjoy views of deep valleys and blue lakes. It’s also home to a lot of different animals and the rare Pancic’s Spruce tree.

4. The city of Novi Sad

The huge Petrovaradin Fortress stands in contrast to the laid-back atmosphere of Novi Sad. It holds the famous EXIT music event every year, which draws music fans and performers from all over the world.

The center of Novi Sad
The center of Novi Sad

5. Serbian Cuisine

The food in Serbia is a healthy mix of meat, bread, dairy, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Serbian foods are a pleasure to eat, from the juicy grilled delights of Ćevapi (my personal favorite) to the stuffed delicacy of sarma and the spicy charm of ajvar.

6. Kopaonik

Kopaonik is the best place to go skiing in Serbia! But when it’s not snowing, the mountain range is a great place to go climbing, watch birds, and enjoy the beautiful nature.

7. Niš

Niš is one of the oldest towns in Europe, so if you’re a history buff, you will love it. Its famous buildings, like the Niš Fortress and the spooky Skull Tower, tell you about the city’s long and sometimes troubled history.

The Skull Tower in Nis
The Skull Tower in Nis

9. Folk music from Serbia

Folk music from Serbia has emotional melodies and rhythmic beats that take you on a musical trip into the heart and soul of the country. Some of the most important instruments in this rich musical culture are the accordion, the tamburica, and the frula.

10. Sargan Eight

The narrow-gauge heritage train Sargan Eight is like a trip back in time as it chugs through the beautiful scenery of Serbia. It has beautiful views and tells stories about the time when steam trains were used. Very recommendable!

11. Rakija

Rakija is more than just a drink in Serbia! It’s a big part of the culture. People share this strong fruit brandy, which is often made at home, at parties, feasts, and even on quiet nights in. It shows how much the people of Serbia love their rakija.

12. Monasteries

Monasteries in Serbia, like Studenica and Manasija, are real works of art and places of worship. Their frescoes, intricate designs, and peaceful settings show how deeply rooted Orthodox Christian customs are in the country.

Monastery of Ćelije
Monastery of Ćelije

13. The Devil’s Town

The Devil’s Town is a geological masterpiece with more than 200 tower-like rock shapes. Legends and stories from the area add to its mysterious feel and make it a must-see place.

14. Guča Trumpet Festival

This event takes place in the town of Guča and is full of loud brass bands, happy dancing, and lively celebrations. It shows how rich Serbia’s singing history is and how happy the people there are. A cool event to join!

15. Viminacium

If you look back in history, you can see that Viminacium was an important Roman city and military camp. Today, its ruins tell you stories of how grand it used to be and how important it was in history.

15. Vinča

This archaeological spot shows what Europe was like in the past. Ancient cultures and their ways of life can be seen through the artefacts and ruins found here. If you love history, this is a great place to visit.

16. The Belgrade Zoo

This zoo is in the middle of Belgrade and is one of the largest in Europe. It is a favourite place for families and people who love animals because it is home to many different kinds of animals.

17. Nightclubs on boats

Belgrade’s nightlife is shown in a unique way by its floating bars, which are called splavs. These clubs are tethered to the riverbanks and have music, lights, and dancing until the early morning.

what is Serbia known for - Belgrade by night
Belgrade by night

18. Beer Festival in Belgrade

The Belgrade Beer Fest is a yearly party with music, frothy drinks, and lots of fun to show how much people love lagers and ales. It’s a nice ode to the growing beer culture in Serbia.

19. Serbian Slava

The Serbian Slava is more than just a religious ceremony! It’s also like a family party. Families get together for feasts, prayers, and fun to honour the saint they think of as their guardian.

20. The Palić Film Festival

The Palić Film Festival is held every year in the beautiful town of Palić. It shows the best films from Europe and is a mix of art, culture, and great films.

21. The Saint Sava Church

The Church of Saint Sava is a famous building that stands tall in Belgrade. As one of the biggest Orthodox churches in the world, its domes, chandeliers, and mosaics are a feast for the eyes and mind.

Saint Sava Church in Winter
Saint Sava Church in Winter

So there you go! Serbia has a lot to offer if you want to learn about different cultures, see beautiful landscapes, and learn about the past. Serbia welcomes you with open arms, whether you’re looking for excitement, culture, history, or tasty food.

What is Serbia known for: FAQs

The information is related to the main topic and will give you some more great insights about this fascinating country!

What makes Serbia unique?

Serbia is a unique country in the Balkans. It has a mix of historical, cultural, and natural features that really set it apart from its neighbours or other countries in Europe.

Its position at the intersection of Eastern and Western Europe has given it a rich mix of cultural influences, which can be seen in its architecture, customs, and traditions. This unique mix can be seen in everything from the Byzantine and Ottoman ruins to the beautiful Austro-Hungarian buildings.

Also, Serbia’s history is undeniably important. Its lands have seen empires rise and fall, Roman emperors be born, and other major European events that have shaped its character.

Aside from its past, Serbia has a lot of different landscapes, from the flat Pannonian plains to the rough Balkan mountains. This gives you, in case you’re a nature lover, a lot of different things to do and see.

Tara Mountains
Tara Mountains

In contrast to the peaceful beauty of its countryside areas, the cities, especially Belgrade, have a lively energy. And don’t forget that the Serbian spirit is strong, friendly, and welcoming.

The country’s rich folklore, musical practises, and well-known festivals show how proud it is of its past and how optimistic it is about the future. Serbia is a one-of-a-kind place because it combines all of these things in a way that doesn’t rely too much on any one of them!

Is Serbia a good holiday destination?

Yes, for sure! There is something for everyone in Serbia. There are ancient places and interesting museums for people who are interested in history. It has beautiful mountains, lakes, and rivers that nature fans can explore.

Lake Perucac
Lake Perucac

If you’re interested in culture can learn more about the music, dance, and food of the country. Plus, Serbia is a great value for money, which makes it a great place to visit if you are on a tight budget.

Its people are friendly and always happy to show you, as a tourist, the best parts of their country!

The Wrap-Up: What is Serbia known for?

So, what is Serbia known for? Well, Serbia is a real gem that is just ready to be found. From its busy capital city, Belgrade, to its peaceful natural landscapes, the country has a lot to offer.

Whether you want to visit Serbia for its historical sites, its unique culture celebrations, or its delicious food, I’m sure you’ll have a rich and memorable trip.

Dive into its rich weave and find out what wonders this country in southeast Europe has to offer.

If you want to know about Serbie, check my other posts about the best time to visit Belgrade or the best places to live in Serbia!

Your restless voyager,


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