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National Animal of Slovakia: A Complete Review!

Are you interested in Slovakia and wonder about the national animal of Slovakia?

Every country has national symbols that show something about its past, culture, or natural environment. Animals are often part of these symbols because they are so important to a country’s culture. So, how about the national animal of Slovakia?

Slovakia is a beautiful country with a lot of nature in the middle of Europe. In this post, I’ll take you on a journey to learn more about Slovakia’s national animal and a little bit about the country’s diverse wildlife.

Let’s dive in and find out!

What is Slovakia’s national animal?

Let’s get straight to the answer. Slovakia chose the Brown Bear as its national animal and symbol! The Brown Bear is a big, strong animal that lives in the Slovakian woods.

It’s a real sight to see in the wild, with its thick fur that can range from light tan to dark brown or even black, and its strong legs. In Slovakia, these bears are more than just animals. I think we can agree that they are a strong national symbol.

national animal of Slovakia - brown bear
The European Brown Bear

They show the people of Slovakia’s strength and spirit, as well as their deep link to the land and nature. The Brown Bear has been a part of Slovakian stories, myths, and even everyday life for a long time.

When you think of Slovakia’s wild places, it’s easy to picture a Brown Bear walking through the forests. This is why it was chosen as the country’s national animal.

There is a great tour in Slovakia called the Bearwatching Hiking Day Tour in High Tatras from Poprad that I can recommend to spot brown bears in the wild while roaming the Tatra Mountains:

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Why is Brown Bear the national animal of Slovakia?

With its strong body and kind eyes, the Brown Bear has a very special place in the hearts of the people of Slovakia. You might ask, why the Brown Bear? Well, these bears have lived in the dense woods of Slovakia for a very, very long time.

Over this time, they have become a big part of the stories and tales that parents tell their children. In these stories, the bear is often shown to be strong and brave. The people of Slovakia have been very strong throughout their past, just like the bear.

They have faced many challenges and kept moving forward, just like the bear. So, the Brown Bear is like a symbol that reminds everyone of Slovakia’s strong spirit and strong link to nature.

What dangerous animals live in Slovakia?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the dangerous animals that live in Slovakia and that you might encounter if you head to the woods, mountains or forests:

  • Wolves: The wolf is a beautiful and wild dog that lives in Slovakia’s vast woods. Wolves have thick coats that are usually a mix of grey and white and sharp eyes. They are also known for being good hunters and being part of a pack.

    Even though they stay to themselves most of the time and are more afraid of people than we are of them, they can be dangerous if they feel cornered or threatened, especially if there are young pups around!

    Their nighttime howls can be scary and mesmerizing, just like the wild spirit of the Slovak forest.
National animal of Slovakia - the wolf
The wolf in Slovakia
  • Lynxes: This beautiful wildcat is hard to find and hard to catch a glimpse of. The lynx is a symbol of the stealth and mystery of Slovakia’s woods. It has tufts on its ears, a short tail, and beautiful patterns all over its coat.

    Even though they mostly hunt small animals, they are dangerous predators because of their sharp claws and good senses. You don’t run into lynxes very often, but it’s always best to be careful and stay away from them.
national animal of Slovakia - The Lynx
The Lynx
  • European Adders: The European Adder is a poisonous snake that can be found in the grasslands and sometimes in the woods of Slovakia. This snake is easy to spot because of the zigzag design on its back, and it isn’t mean by nature.

    But if it feels threatened or gets stepped on by chance, it can give you a painful bite that needs medical help right away. Even though most experiences with these snakes aren’t dangerous, it’s best to be careful in places where they live.
national animal of Slovakia - The European adder
The European adder

Even though each of these animals can be dangerous, they are all important to Slovakia’s ecosystem and help keep the careful balance of nature.

Endangered Animals of Slovakia

Like many other places in the world, Slovakia has some animals that are in danger of dying out. Slovakia has a lot of different kinds of landscapes, from dense woods to high mountainous areas. It also has a lot of different kinds of animals.

Some animals in Slovakia are in danger of going extinct because their habitats are being destroyed, the temperature is changing, and people are messing with them.

Here are some of Slovakia’s animals that are in danger:

  • European Ground Squirrel: This is a small mammal that lives mostly in open fields. They are in danger because farming and development destroy their habitats, which causes their populations to be split up.
  • The Eastern Imperial Eagle: This is a majestic bird of prey with a large wingspan and sharp eyesight. Its environment is being destroyed, it is being hunted, and there is less food for it to eat. There are ongoing attempts to protect them.
  • The Carpathian Newt: This is an amphibian that lives in the Carpathian Mountains. Its habitat is being destroyed, and its watery homes are being polluted.

    Their numbers are also going down because marshes are being drained and invasive species are being brought in.
  • Lesser Spotted Eagle: This bird of prey is threatened by a lot of changes in land use, vegetation, and disturbances during its breeding season.
  • The Carpathian Blue Slug: This is a unique blue-colored slug that lives in the Carpathian Mountains. Changes to its environment and possible pollution are threatening it.

There are international and national initiatives that aim to protect these species and their habitats. Saving these animals isn’t just about saving each species; it’s also about keeping the balance of nature and preserving Slovakia’s rich biodiversity!

Native Animals from Slovakia

Slovakia has a wide range of plants and animals. Some of the animals that live in Slovakia and are native to the country are:

  • The Slovak Chamois: is a kind of goat-antelope that only lives in this area.
  • European Pine Martens: are cute animals that look like weasels and come out at night. This is actually the national animal of Croatia!
  • Fire Salamanders: These are frogs with bright colors that like to live in damp places.

If you’re into nature, Slovakia is great country to visit to see some great native animals!

National animal of Slovakia: FAQs

The information is below is related to the national animal of Slovakia and gives you some more insights about the other national symbols of Slovakia!

Slovakia national symbols

Slovakia has many symbols that show its rich history, culture, and tradition. Here are three things that represent Slovakia as a country:

  • Double Cross on Three Hills: The Double Cross on Three Hills is a strong symbol for Slovakia. It is a big part of the country’s coat of arms and flag.

    People think that the double cross, which is often called the Patriarchal Cross, stands for Christian faith and Saints Cyril and Methodius’ work to spread Christianity in the area.

    The three hills, on the other hand, represent Slovakia’s three mountain ranges: the Tatra, the Fatra, and the Matra (though the Matra is now located in Hungary).
Slovakian flag
Slovakian flag
  • Linden Tree (Tilia): The Tilia, or Linden Tree, is the national tree of Slovakia. The Linden Tree is an important part of Slovak culture.

    It is loved not only for its beauty and the sweet smell of its flowers, but also for the way locals have always used it as a place to meet and for the way it stands for freedom and friendship.

    Its flowers have also been used in traditional medicine, and its wood is highly valued for carving. Nice, right?
Linden tree alley
Linden tree alley
  • Red Poppy: The Red Poppy is the national flower of Slovakia. It is known for its bright red petals. It’s a way to remember and honor the troops who died in World War I and World War II.

    This flower is loved not only for what it means but also for how beautiful it is. When it blooms, it turns the Slovakian fields a bright red. I love it!
Red Poppy Field
Red Poppy Field

Each of these symbols tells a story about Slovakia’s traditions, values, and history. Together, they paint a vivid picture of the country. You can feel a deep link to the heart and soul of the Slovak people through them.

Motto of Slovakia

Slovakia is a country with a lot of history and culture. It is often linked to its close neighbour, the Czech Republic, because both countries were once part of Czechoslovakia.

People often think that Veritas Vincit, which means Truth Prevails, is the motto of Slovakia. But this is actually the motto of the Czech Republic! The Czechs have an official national motto that stresses how important the truth is.

Slovakia, on the other hand, does not have a widely known national motto. This difference shows how important it is to recognise that both countries are different, even though their histories are deeply linked.

So Slovakia currently doesn’t have a national motto!

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    The Wrap-Up: National animal of Slovakia

    When it comes to the national animal of Slovakia, the Brown Bear is a pretty cool and strong national symbol. It shows the deep roots of the country’s past, culture, and its connection to nature.

    But besides the brown bear, Slovakia has much more great national symbols like the coat of arms, the national tree and the national flower of Slovakia. I think it’s a great way to get to know more about the country.

    If you want to know more about the national animals of countries in this region, you can check out my posts about Poland, Croatia, Albania, Hungary, and Bulgaria!

    Your restless voyager,


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