The factory of Schindler in Poland

Schindlers Factory in Poland: Is it worth going to (2024)?

Are you in Poland and thinking about visiting Schindlers factory?

I have wanted to write about this topic for a long time. Because even in 2024, the question of whether or not Schindlers Factory is worth your time is still important. In fact, I’ve been here myself and I would like to share my experience with you.

This building is part of Krakow, Poland’s historical structure. It’s really more than just a building; it holds very sad stories from a troubled past. There is a link between the present and a time of unimaginable chaos and great bravery.

For me, Schindler’s Factory is a unique way to connect with the powerful stories of World War II if you’re interested in history, human resilience, or the complexity of the human spirit.

So, let’s just dive in.

Is it worth going to Schindler’s factory?

Yes, you should. And I will tell you why it is important to visit this historic place. So, when you’re actually thinking about going to Schindler’s Factory, here is why I would recommend you to go after seeing it for myself:

  • Historical importance: This isn’t just any old factory. It has significant historical value. During one of the worst times in human history (especially in Europe), real events happened there that changed people’s lives.
  • Educational Journey: The factory is a very interesting way to learn more about history. It brings the stories of people who lived through the war to life and helps you understand their struggles and victories in a deeper way.
  • Emotional Resonance: The exhibits are meant to make you feel things, not just to teach you about the past. I believe that this helps you connect with it on a very personal level.
  • Architecture: It’s also quite interesting from an architectural point of view. Why? Well, the plant itself says a lot about the time it was built in and what it did during the war.

If you ask me, these would be the main reasons to visit the old factory in my opinion. It’s a big part of European history.

What is the story behind the factory?

The story of the factory is linked to the life of Oskar Schindler, a Nazi Party member who turned into an unlikely hero. The story of how he went from being a businessman who only cared about making money to saving more than 1,000 Jews is one of spiritual awakening and bravery.

As you might know by know, the factory was more than just a place to work. It was more like a sanctuary, a rare place of safety in a dangerous and uncertain world.

It kind of has two sides. It’s not just about the horrible things that happen in war. What you’ll see is that it’s also about how people can change and be good in difficult times.

How far is Schindler’s factory from Krakow?

The real location of Schindler’s Factory is in the Polish city of Krakow. To be exact, it’s in the Zablocie area. It’s not too far from the city heart of Krakow to Schindler’s Factory. I’ll give you a few options that you can consider:

  • By Car: If you’re driving, it usually takes about 10 minutes to get to the factory from the city center of Krakow, though this depends on traffic.
  • By Public Transportation: If you take a bus or tram, the trip should take about 20 minutes. This is what I did and this is an easy and handy way to get to the factory, and it also lets you see the city like a local.
  • Walking: If you’d rather walk, that’s also a choice of course. Schindler’s Factory is about a 30-minute walk from the city center. Along the way, you can see more of Krakow’s streets and buildings, making this a pretty nice walk.
The city of Krakow

To sum up, Schindler’s Factory is easy to get to from the center of Krakow, making it a great place to visit while you’re there.

What is Schindler’s factory now?

Schindler’s Factory is now a museum that shows how strong people can be. It’s a place where people learn, remember, and think. In addition to telling the story of Oskar Schindler’s life, the museum also talks about Krakow during the Nazi siege.

It’s a place that makes you think about how complicated history is, how cruel people can be, and how brave people can be at the same time.

What product was produced at Schindler’s factory?

Yes, besides a shelter, real products were made at the time. It used to be an enamelware factory that made pots, pans, and other metal things. During the war, Schindler’s plant was changed to make shells for ammunition.

This was a key part of Schindler’s plan to keep his Jewish workers from being sent away and killed.

How long does it take to go through Schindler’s factory?

Well, the length of your visit to Schindler’s Factory in Krakow depends on how much you want to learn:

  • A Quick Look: If you don’t have much time or just want a quick stop, it usually takes between one and two and a half hours. You can see the main exhibits and get a sense of the history and importance of the place this way.
  • In-Depth Exploration: If you want a more in-depth experience, you should set aside up to three hours. This longer visit gives you more time to look at the detailed displays, read the informational texts all the way through, and take in the whole atmosphere of the plant.

    It’s more immersive, and you have time to think about what happened in history and how Schindler’s acts affected people.
  • Guided Tours: If you choose a guided tour, the length of the trip may be set ahead of time; most tours last between 1.5 and 2 hours. These tours often give you more information and stories that you might not have guessed from looking at the exhibits on your own.

If you want to book a tour in advance, I would recommend doing it through Viator. You will also have the Skip the Line benefit if you’re not a fan of waiting in the queue.

Click here to book your Schindler’s Factory & Skip-the-Line Entry Tour!

Remember that the time can change depending on things like the number of people you see, how fast you walk and read, and whether you take breaks while you’re there.

Can you visit Schindler’s factory without a guide?

Yes, you don’t need a guide to go to Schindlers Factory. You can easily understand how the museum works because it has large information boards and displays that tell the history and stories of Oskar Schindler and Krakow during World War II.

These displays are really detailed and full of useful information that make it easy to understand what happened and why the place is important.

Display in the factory in Schindlers factory
Display in the factory

Audio guides are also offered in a number of languages if you would like to improve your experience. These audio guides give you more information about the exhibits by telling you about the history and personal stories behind the photos and objects that are on display.

The museum is laid out in a way that makes it easy to move between the different areas. This way, even if you don’t have a guide, you won’t miss the most important parts of the exhibition.

Where did Schindler move his factory?

Things changed a lot for Oskar Schindler in his life and work after World War II. His plant in Krakow had saved the lives of more than a thousand Jews during the war, but it could not work the way it did before.

After that, Schindler went to Germany. He tried to start up his business again in Germany, but most of his attempts were unsuccessful.

The move was very different from his brave actions during the war and the busy, productive business he had in Krakow. Schindler had trouble with money during this time in his life, which was a metaphor for the end of an age that the Krakow factory represented.

Schindlers factory: FAQs

The information below is related to Schindler and will give you some more great insights!

Where is Schindler buried?

The Catholic graveyard on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, Israel, is where Oskar Schindler is buried. The people he saved and the Jewish community as a whole show their thanks and respect at his grave (you will also see this at the end of the film).

Many people go there as a journey to remember the amazing things he did. Still today, it’s a place that is being visited a lot.

What happened to Schindler’s wife?

Emilie Schindler, who is often a hero who goes unnoticed, was very important in helping her husband save Jewish workers.

There were a lot of problems in their life together after the war, so they finally moved out. Even though they were apart, Emilie’s service and sacrifices during the war were eventually recognized and appreciated.

Was any of Schindler’s List filmed in Auschwitz?

Auschwitz was not used as a filming spot for Schindler’s List, even though the story of Schindler’s Jews is very important to the movie. Most of the movie was filmed in Krakow, which is close to the real places where Schindler lived.


However, the filmmakers decided not to film in Auschwitz because they wanted to show respect for the camp’s history.

How many Oscars did Schindler’s List win?

Schindler’s List, which Steven Spielberg directed, was a major film event. Best Picture and Best Director were just two of the seven(!) Oscars it won.

Not only is the movie praised for its artistic merit, but also for how well it shows a terrible time in history and Oskar Schindler’s amazing actions.

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    The Wrap-Up: Schindlers factory

    So, let’s wrap it up here. Schindlers Factory is not only a historical place as you now know. It’s also a deeply educational experience that makes you think and feel many things.

    It’s important because it connects us to the past and makes us think about how sad people can be and how amazing it is that people can be brave and caring.

    Schindlers Factory is a unique and powerful look into one of the most important times in history, whether you’re a history fan, a student, or just someone interested in the human experience.

    Your restless voyager,


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